Exclusive Interview: Roger Bloodworth


Exclusive Interview: Roger Bloodworth

Video Interview By "OnFire" Aguirre Transcribed By "OnFire" Aguirre

Jose Aguirre: Boxingtalk.com once again at Crunch gym, New York City and with me I got Roger Bloodworth, trainer. How has it been for you over all these years to work with such great fighters and big names?

Roger Bloodworth:"I been truly blessed to be allowed to work with that kind of talent because you can be the best trainer in the world but if you don't have the talent to work with nobody will ever know your name. I feel like I've been very, very fortunate to be associated with Fernando Vargas, Vernon Forrest, Evander Holyfield, Pernell Whitaker, John John Molina, all the great fighters, Raul Marquez. It's just been one continuous, fabulous ride for me. I feel very fortunate."

JA: Jamel McCline will be facing Chris Byrd for a piece of the heavyweight title. What can we expect from jamel McCline coem November 13th?

RB:"A fight. It's going to be a fight. It's going to be a real good fight. I have all the respect in the world for Chris. He's been in with the best but I think this si going to be Jamel's time."

JA: Working with Jamel McCline facing a tough southpaw as Chris Byrd is. Without giving anything away, what type of things have you been working on?

RB:"I just been with Jamel, it will be eight weeks when we get to the fight. Basically we're working on his balance and ring generalship and things like that. Improving what he does. We're not trying to change him, just improve what he does."

JA: How would it feel for you, working in the corner of Jamel mcCline, if and when he wins the heavyweight title?

RB:"Anytime you win a title it's the best feeling in the world. There's nothing like it. There's nothing worst than losing of course but anytime you win a title it's great. Doesn't make a difference whether it's featherweight on up. But the heavyweight title I think is a special title. It's been said to be the most coveted prize in sports. And I believe that's true because our society likes to see the big guys get in there and rumble. When he wins this title I'm sure there'll be a very special feeling."

JA: Are there any up and comers or any names that we might recognize that you are working with at the present time?

RB:"No, right now I'm just working with Jamel and also I'm working with Robbie Peden also going to be fighting for a championship title in December. They haven't signed off on it yet  but looks like it's going to happen in December. I'm just taking care of those two right now.You don't want to put too much on your plate."

JA:Looking at you it looks liek your moving down a division or two. How do you feel now a days as opposed  to in the past?

RB:"I feel great. I lost about 35-40 pounds and I think it made me alot faster when I shaved my mustache. I feel really good. I haven't felt this good for a couple of years.  I feel real good."

JA: And you look just as good sir. Thank you for your time.

RB:"Thank you for your time...Anytime."


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