Exclusive Interview: Rocky Juarez

By Brad Cooney


Exclusive Interview: Rocky Juarez

Boxingtalk.com caught up with former US Olympian, Rocky Juarez and discussed all the buzz about his being named the leading candidate to face Marco Antonio Barrera on May 20. In this exclusive Boxingtalk interview,  Juarez also comments on his back to back wins against Reynaldo Antonio Hurtado, and Backlin Medrano.

BT - Rocky rumorville has it that you are the front-runner to face Marco Antonio Barrera in May, what are your thoughts on this?

RJ - Well I am definitely crossing my fingers hoping this happens. I have been active since losing to Soto, and feeling great. I am hoping this happens,I am just waiting for that call.

BT - So it's safe to say that if the promoters agree on this, you are jumping on this opportunity, correct?

RJ - Oh yes, I have been waiting for an opportunity to fight for a title. I was ranked number 1 in the WBC, and the IBF for about a year. I thought I had my shot, then Injin Chi got injured a few weeks before the fight. I think it's every boxers dream to get this opportunity, to see if they can beat World Champions. Marco Antonio Barrera is a legend in this sport and fighting a guy like him is a great opportunity. I am looking forward to this fight happening.

BT - Rocky in your own words, what would a win against a legend like Barrera do for your career?

RJ - Oh man, not only to win the title, but to beat a name like that would put me up there to fight million dollar fights.

BT - Rocky, you suffered your first defeat against Humberto Soto, then you rebound and get two nice wins in a row. At this point I am guessing you are pretty glad you got those two wins.

RJ - When I lost to Soto, I told Shelly Finkel to throw me right back in there with named fighters. I believe that I didn't lose any confidence in my ability I asked Soto for a rematch, but I knew it wouldn't happen. I learned that one loss in a young boxers career kind of steps you back. Fighting these last two fights kept me staying active and to stay sharp, and it showed people that I am not out yet. I am a fighter that should be fighting on television.

BT - Rocky what do you think happened on the night that you lost to Humberto Soto?

RJ - I think I was just flat that night, I still did ok though, I showed I was never out of the fight. I was just fighting the wrong fight that night. I did my best that night, Soto was just the better fighter that night.

BT - Are you in good shape now Rocky?

RJ - Yes, I am good shape I left the gym yesterday at 133lb, if the deal happens with Barrera I just have to make a new schedule because I will be leaving Houston to train for this fight.

BT - Barrera's camp want to fight in May.

RJ - The last two fights I have only taken a week off, I am always in the gym. I am always in the gym, and those who know me know that, I am a gym-rat.

BT - Talk to your fans Rocky.

RJ - I want to tell my fans that if I am given this opportunity, back me up. I can beat Barrera, and if they would have given me this opportunity two yrs ago I would have taken it. After my loss I went to Vegas and I ran into a lot of my fans that were telling me nice things, and telling me I am still a great fighter, and I appreciated that.



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