Exclusive Interview: Rob Calloway

By Matt Goldstein


Exclusive Interview: Rob Calloway

Calloway Calls Out Arslan, Huck, Hill, Cunningham, Haye, Wilson, Banks and Macca!

After winning ten fights in a row and knocking out every cruiserweight he has fought, Rob Calloway is calling out all of the top fighters in the cruiserweight division.  Willing to fight in any eliminator, any one of the titlists, champions, contenders, or big name fighters at the 200lb limit, the “All American Prize Fighter” is confident and ready to step on the big stage.  See what the very popular and entertaining Calloway had to say about what is next in his career.     

MG: Do you have any fights scheduled?

RC: No I don’t.  I don’t have anything scheduled.  I have heard a lot from several different people and I am hoping to have a shot at one of the titlists.  Arslan has the WBA and I am ranked in the WBA so I am hoping to get in there.  Haye might vacate so I’d be interested in that belt and if Marko Huck defeats Cunningham, I have the IBF international belt so that would help getting a shot there. 

MG: What if Cunningham wins?

RC: I’ll fight anybody for one of the belts.  I like Steve and I’ve sparred Steve but I want a shot at the world title.  I think the Huck bout would pay more but I just want a shot at the world title. 

MG: Are you making the fights on your own? 

RC: It’s been that way for years.  Marshall is my trainer and he is helping out but we have been talking to several promoters and hopefully we can agree to a deal before the year is up.

MG: So you are talking to several promoters?

RC: Yes we are.  I’ve talked to several.  I’ve done 80 some fights on my own but now hopefully somebody will understand that we can all make money and get a title shot.  I’ve done all I could do by myself.

MG: Why have you gone this long managing and promoting yourself?

RC: I was with a couple people when I started and I had a huge following at home so I thought I could do it on my own.  I’m just looking for someone to step in and benefit us all.  We can all make money.   

MG: You’ve been at cruiserweight for a while now, how do you feel at this weight?

RC: It’s my natural weight.  I weighed in at heavyweight with all my clothes on.  I’m fighting guys that are 270 when I am 205 with shoes on.  If I am on weight, I am 198, 199. 

MG: Do you have to dehydrate to get to 200lbs? 

RC: I don’t dehydrate at all.  I just watch my diet and pick up the training to make weight, that’s all I do. 

MG: What would you like to say to promoters and managers out there?

RC: I’d just like to say I think I can be world champion and I am willing to fight anybody.  I think Darnell Wilson and Jonathon Banks would be great fights.  They are top 10 cruiserweights and the winner would be a mandatory.  I will take a title fight or a mandatory or any top fighter for that matter.

MG: Who in the cruiserweight division would you like to fight?

RC: Arslan, Hill and Huck.  I have talked to Haye personally but he says he is going to vacate and move to heavyweight.  I’m willing to fight cruiserweight out there it does not matter who.  I’m not going to be unreasonable about the money but I want it to be fare.

MG: Are you implying that some of the offers weren’t fare?

RC: I was offered Maccarinelli on a weeks notice and the money was not fare.  I would like to fight Enzo as well.  It was not the money it should have been especially one a weeks notice but that is beside the point.  I think the fans are sick of watching Enzo beat up on nobodies. 

MG: Is there anything you’d like to say in closing? 

RC: I feel I will be cruiserweight champion of the world and all I need is the opportunity.  I will win by knockout or a wide unanimous decision.  They all want to take the safest fight for the most money and I am not the safest fight.  I will be champion.  They cannot avoid me forever.   

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