Exclusive Interview: Richard Gutierrez

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: Richard Gutierrez

GL:  What's the latest and greatest with Richard Gutierrez?  Congratulations on your recent win, give us some thoughts on your performance.  "I just signed with Arena Boxing, it's a great promotional company for a guy like me, who's coming up.  There are a lot of future plans for us, we just beat a good fighter, Barretto???  He's a big, tall, lanky guy, he went the distance with Miranda.  I feel that he wasn't surviving against me, I put on a great show on ESPN.  I want people to know that I'm ready to fight at 154 or 147.  It doesn't matter, I just want the opportunity."

GL:  Who are some of the names you are targeting?

Richard Gutierrez:  Andre Berto's name has been around for some time, suddenly he goes and dissapears behind DiBella, the same thing with Quintana.  I know DiBella's got both of them, we'd love to get a shot against either one of them.  I feel that I can show my talent on HBO against any one of them.  It's two different styles, I'd like to fight both of them.  If I could fight both of them on the same night, that's what I would do. 

GL:  Berto has a date coming up in May or June.  Would you be ready to fight him by then?

RG:  100%.  I was supposed to fight Michael Trabant in Germany on December 28th, but I got injured.  That was my opponent, I got injured and he ending up fighting Berto.

GL:  At which weight do you feel most comfortable fighting?

RG:  I'm most comfortable at 147.  I'm a 147 pounder, but if I can't get a shot there, and I get one at 154, I'll take it. 

GL:  There's a lot of big welterweight fights coming up.  Who do you like in Mosley-Judah?

RG:  They're both great fighters, but I think Mosley.  It's real close, it's hard to choose.

GL:  Who do you like in the Cintron-Margarito rematch?

RG:  Margarito, by a knockout.

GL:  Cotto and Gomez?

RG:  Cotto, by a runover.

GL:  What are your goals for the rest of 2008?

RG:  For us to get a world title opportunity.  I know there are a lot of guys like Joshua Clottey, who I lost a decision to.  If Josh steps up, I'll fight Clottey.  I'm not going to back down from anybody.  Whoever steps in our path, we're going to fight.  This is our opportunity to get back on HBO and show our talent, or on Showtime.  It doesn't matter, whoever it is.  Put him in front of us and we'll expose him.

GL:  Closing thoughts.

RG:  We're going to have a great 2008.  We're starting off with a a good win. I'm going to travel across the world.  Any promoter, step up to the plate, so I can show what I've got.


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