Exclusive Interview: Ricardo Mayorga

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: Ricardo Mayorga

GL: What's good Ricardo? What can we expect from El Matador on August 13? "First and foremost my team has been doing a great job with me, I'm ready to go. As a result of that job that I'm doing I expect to knock this guy out in two rounds or less."

GL: You still sound as confident as ever. After you last fight you absorbed a lot of punishment against Tito Trinidad, some people are wondering if that fight took anything out of you.

Ricardo Mayorga: "I think every great champion has a bad night and that's what happened to me. That's in the past and I'm just forward to become world champion again in two rounds or less on August 13."

GL: Did you learn anything from that Trinidad fight?

RM: "The only thing I've taken from that fight is that anyone can have a bad night and tha't what happened to me. Other than that I haven't learned anything from it."

GL: If you get by Piccirillo on August 13 who do you want to fight the most at junior middleweight, the other champion or the Fernando Vargas-Castillejo winner?

RM: "Fernando Vargas is the one I want. I know he's going to be fight the week after me in Chicago. I want him to come in extra early because I have a ringside ticket to my fight waiting for him."

GL: Will you be sticking around Chicago for Vargas-Castillejo?

RM: "If he comes to my fight I'll go to his. In fact, if he shows up I'll invite him to come into the ring so he can tell me anything he wants to tell me in front of the whole world. We'll see what kind of man he is."

GL: How does a fight with you and Vargas play out?

RM: "I think that's about three rounds for me, I can't see it going much more than that."

GL: Piccirillo is an awkward fighter. He fought Cory Spinks twice, won the first one and lost his title in the second one. Have you seen any film of those fights?

RM: "Honestly those fight mean nothing to me. I see his weaknesses. He likes to stand in front of you and he stands straight up. I think that's picture pefect for me so I know I'm going to knock this guy out fast."

GL: Some people feel you don't deserve a title shot following a loss, how do you feel about that?

RM: "I don't think that many people outside of Main Events and Fernando Vargas circle. They want to fight for titles through attorneys and courts. I like to do it the old fashioned way, by knocking someone out after I step in the ring. And that's what you'll see on August 13."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

RM: "All my fans, especially my Latino fans and Nicaraguan fans, I promise you I will become world champion. After I become world champion Piccirillo can go back to Italy and make pizza or pasta or whatever it is he does over there."


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