Exclusive Interview: Ray Joval

By Matt Goldstein


Exclusive Interview: Ray Joval

Transcribed By Jose "OnFire" Aguirre

Matt Goldstein: Boxingtalk.com here with Ray Joval. Ray what's going on and what's next for you?
Ray Joval: "Good evening Boxingtalk. What next for me? I'm still in the top five of most major federations. I just want to call out the champions Hopkins, one of the top guys. Jermaine (Taylor), Trinidad, who is coming into our division again, one sixty. Better watch out. All of those fighters. We got to put something together. I'm here. That's why I left Amsterdam. That's why I left Europe to come to America."

MG: So you came to the States to get the big fights?

RJ: "That's it."I'm a guy who has thirty six fights and I got alot of wins in it. We're ready. We're ready for a big fight. We are ready for the big crowd, we are ready for big entertainment."

MG: Alot of people are talking about Howard Eastman and Bernard Hopkins. Do you think it's possible Bernard, after taking Howard Eastman, he would go and take somebody ranked fifth in the IBF or do you think you actually have a shot at getting that fight done?

RJ: "When they're ready. The good thing is I won't be fake because I'm going to challenge everybody above me. I'm one of the only ones in the middleweight in the IBF division who fought three of the top ten guys. I fought Hernandez, I fought Sam Soliman twice. I fought Diallo. I'm just there and it's time for a big fight."

MG: A few months ago Tarvis Simms was calling you out. Do you think there is a possibiliy of ever making that fight and do you think Tarvis Simms has anything for you in the ring?

RJ: "We're always willing to talk for a fight but Tarvis is not on my path. My path is the championship. I'm champion holder of two different federations, WBU and IBO. It's time for big things."

MG: So when do you think you want to be in the ring? If you don't get the championship fight are you going to take a fight within the next few months to stay active?

RJ: "Right now I came back. As you know I worked for a year with Hector Rocca, our famous trainer. We deported a couple of months ago. Right now I'm working with Tracey Patterson. I'm in the Catskills. I'm in camp there. I will not leave America before I become world champion."

MG: Is there anything you want to say to our fans at Boxingtalk.com and all over the world?

RJ: "I've been underground but now I'm back. I'm in the Catskills. I'm working with Tracey Patterson. Stan Hoffman is doing my stuff. So fans, I'm in good hands and I will be number one. Be there."