Exclusive Interview: Peter Manfredo Sr

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Peter Manfredo Sr

JA: How has the addition of Freddie Roach been to this camp? Going into the final week have you seen a lot improvement in Peter?  "Freddie Roach is very knowledgeable in the sport of boxing, he’s trained 18 world champions and he’s got some of the best fighters in the world coming in and out of this gym (Wild Card). He has been showing us a lot of things that we haven’t seen before. He’s helped us out immensely and has helped bring us back to the basics. He helped us come up with a game plan for the fight and I have a lot of confidence that it’s going to work. "


JA: You're still going to be in the corner, correct?


Peter Manfredo Sr: Yes I’m still going to be in the corner, Freddie is going to be the chief second for the fight and I’m going to be right there along with him. Freddie is the man right now and we have a lot of faith in him and he’s going to bring us to the next level!


JA: Is making weight going to be a problem for Peter and also how is his conditioning?


Peter Manfredo Sr: His conditioning has been better than it has been in a while, he’s been running everyday and he’s been getting a lot of sparring so he’s in real great shape. As for his weight, he was a couple pounds off today but he will make it easy. We wanted to take him down a little bit at a time and do it right. He’s real strong right now and you should see a great fight come this Saturday Night.


JA: Do you think that the World will be shocked at the Peter Manfredo Jr we see on Saturday night compared to the one on May 24th?


Peter Manfredo Sr: You will see a different person. Anybody who knows Peter knows what he can do, they seen him fight before. But this should be different than the last time because everything seems to be working just right, right now.


JA: Has there been anything different compared to the last camp, or has it been just that you guys got away and left the distractions back in Rhode Island?


Peter Manfredo Sr There were a lot of distractions the last time. We just got him away and we got a lot more focused for this fight. We have been focused right from the beginning. We have put six hard weeks in here at Wild Card. Where going to let Peter and Jesse Brinkley out of there cage on Saturday night!


JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing to the Boxingtalk fans around the World on Boxingtalk.com?


Peter Manfredo Sr I just want to say thanks to the people at Boxingtalk.com, they have been always there for us and they have done great things for boxing on the internet and keep up the good work.

JA: Thanks a lot Mr. Manfredo for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with me and best of luck on Saturday night!


Peter Manfredo Sr: Thanks a lot Jimmy!