Exclusive Interview: Paul Williams

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: Paul Williams

GL: You've just wrapped up your morning training session, who are you currently training for? "I always train, I keep myself in the gym and I'm getting myself ready to fight world champions. I'm ranked number one and I've done pretty well in my last two fights on HBO. I got the numbers intact, I'm 31-0 with 23KO's. I'm ready for the champ and I just don't think he's ready for me."

GL: Based on what you've seen from Margarito how do you think a fight between the two of you plays out?

Paul Williams: "I think there would be a lot of bombs thrown early, but after four or five rounds he would start to settle down and I would get off on him real good."

GL: It looks like Margarito is going to fight Joshua Clottey on December 2. Why do you think that is?

PW: "Because his heart is pumping Kool-Aid. He knows my name is getting bigger, but he knows that fighting me would be the hardest fight he could get and he don't want no hard fights. We've sparred before and he's hit me with his best shot and I took it and I threw my best shot and he couldn't take it and then Sergio came and told us he didn't want to spar with us no more. I'm not one to talk a lot of trash, but I'm just talking a lot of truth and if this is what I have to do to get you in the ring so be it. I think he knows what happened with the big gloves on and he knows it would just happen a lot faster and harder with the eight ounce gloves."

GL: What really happened at that sparring session?

PW: "I put this on my mother's grave. I hit him with a right hook and it split his eye. I was like his eye's bleeding and they put vaseline on his face and let him go back in there. Me, I know he had a money fight coming up with Daniel Santos so I never went back to his head for the rest of the session and I just started beating on his body and he didn't want to spar no more after that. Sergio came up to my room and gave me a pair of 14 ounce gloves and said Margarito don't want to spar no more. You hurt him in there to the body."

GL: Sergio Diaz his manager?

PW: "Sergio Mora."

GL: He was also sparring with Mora that time as well.

PW: "Yes sir."

GL: If it's not going to be Margarito next, when can we expect to see you back in the ring?

PW: "Anybody who got a belt or brings a big payday at 147. But I really want those belts, that's what I'm after. I'm on a quest and I'm reaching my goals slowly but surely."

GL: What part of your game do you feel needs the most sharpening?

PW: "I would say my defense. I do get hit a lot and they say I make a lot of mistakes. But if I'm making mistakes that my opponents can't really capitalize on am I really making mistakes? "

GL: Sharmba Mitchell caught you with a good shot in the second round but couldn't follow up. He was much shorter than you are though, Margarito wouldn't be as such a disadvantage height wise...

PW: (cutting in) "But fighting Margarito my style would be different. I know what I would have to do for Margarito just like I knew what I had to do with Sharmba. I knew he was going to get close to me and I adapted to what he was trying to do."


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