Exclusive Interview: Patrick Ortiz

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Patrick Ortiz

JA: Patrick can you tell us about your promotional company Ringside Ticket? "Ringside ticket was formed back in 1992. I started out producing and hosting some shows on television, I did a show with George Forman and Evander Holyfield and that is what got me interested into boxing. I started out first as a manager and then a year later I signed Sugar Shane Mosley and that helped get Ringside Ticket fully involved in boxing."

JA: Did you go to school to become a promoter or are you a lawyer?

PO: No not a lawyer. I was in the entertainment business and I produced and hosted some shows and one thing led to another and next thing you know it I am a boxing promoter. It all happened by chance really. When I went to college and my background with the entertainment business really helped me with working with the media. I understand entertainment and that has helped me out a great deal in professional boxing. I also played sports, I played football and coached high school football at a very young age so I know how to be around athletes, even though football players and boxers are completely different sports. I think with the background in communications and in sports has helped me in professional boxing.

JA: Do you have a team around you that helps you with the negotiations?

PO: I do all my own negotiations and negotiate all my contracts, of course I have a lawyer but the time that it gets to the lawyer the deal is already negotiated and there just there to look at the deal. I negotiate all my contracts and match make all my own shows and that can all change because if things continue to get busier I might need to get some help in that area.

JA: So it’s a one man show right now Patrick?

PO: I wouldn’t say that it’s a one man show because I do have assistants and people who work at the office to answer phones. I run a family business and my dad has helped me, my wife has helped me behind the scenes with booking flights and coordinating things. I wouldn’t say that I am one man show but the core stuff with match making, putting together deals, all that I am very hands on about for the time being.

JA: You have a very exciting fighter in Tyrone Harris who is coming off a 2nd round knockout victory. What’s next for him?

PO: He is scheduled to fight on May 31st on ESPN in the co-feature bout, we just found that out so I can’t elaborate to much on it because we are looking for an opponent.

JA: This is his first fight on TV since losing on Shobox, did you guys want to get him back on TV right away?

PO: He had one fight in between and he fought a very tough opponent in Armando Cordoba. I didn’t think that he was going to knock him out quickly; I never doubted that he could but I didn’t think that he was going to knock him out early. He looked very good in his first fight back after his first loss. It really tells you a lot about him with the way the he came back from his loss, and it was a devastating loss to everyone. He was very poised, relaxed and came and knocked the guy out in the second round. Now he is ready to get back on TV and show everyone the real Tyrone Harris.

JA: Is Tyrone’s next opponent going to be a tough opponent?

PO:  We try to match Tyrone well and his first TV opponent was a very tough opponent obviously but an opponent that he should have beat. Israel Hernandez is slow but punches hard and can take a punch really well. We are going to have someone in there that is tough, ESPN will not allow a bad fighter, it has to be an ESPN quality fighter to fight on TV. Tyrone has to be ready to fight a tough fight and I am very confident that he will handle himself very well.

JA: You have another fighter in Eddie Sanchez. Tell us about him?

PO: Eddie is on a little winning streak, he has won three in a row. Eddie is not like Tyrone where he has that extraordinary hand speed, boxing ability and punching power. Eddie is a very awkward and under rated fighter. He has a lot of boxing skills and surprising power at times, he has a lot of heart and determination. He has won 3 in a row and is now 15-5, he is also looking to get back on TV as well.

JA: What is the direction that you would like to take Ringside Ticket?

PO: I would like to do a lot more shows this year, I work a lot with the Indian casinos and I want to increase those numbers and get more shows on television. I would like to increase the number of fighters that I work, not by a lot but by a few. I am very selective with who I work with but I would like to add a few more fighters to Ringside ticket stable. We have to wait and see and get the right guy and with Tyrone we were very fortunate to cross paths. I am looking forward to a long career with Tyrone and Eddie and I believe that Tyrone can win a world title and when he does I believe that will help catapult Ringside ticket to a different level.

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say to the fans on Boxingtalk.com?

PO: Don’t miss Tyrone Harris May 31st on ESPN. I think that he is going to surprise a lot of people and you will find him very exciting and entertaining.


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