Exclusive Interview: Oscar De La Hoya Part I

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: Oscar De La Hoya Part I

GL: Following Barrera's big win, the rematch with Pacquiao seems to be the fight everyone wants to see. What do you see being next for him? And if it's going to be Pacquiao would you prefer the fight take place at 130 pounds? "We actually haven't discussed anything with Barrera. We're going to have a meeting with him in the next couple of weeks to see what he wants to do. Right now he's just enjoying his big victory and sitting down with his family, but in a couple of weeks we're going to sit down together with his team and see what his next moves is."

"There's definitely some great options out there for him at either 126 or 130 if he wants to stay there."

GL: You guys just spent a week in Las Vegas for Barrera-Morales III, a fight that was promoted by Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions. Amidst the evident animosity Arum and Golden Boy seem to have for each other right now, how unique was that experiece? And was it difficult to remain professional?

Oscar De La Hoya: "No, not at all. I stood my ground and always stayed professional. That's the way you run a business. One thing about us is, we're over here doing everything right, so anyone who jumps at us obviously has something to hide. We're going to stick to walking that straight line. I've already told all of my team here that anybody who walks to the right or walks to the left is out of here. We're all about walking a straight line so any promoter or manager out there who may jump at us, you know why they're jumping at us, they have something to hide."

GL: As I'm sure you know, Boxingtalk speaks to Bernard Hopkins on a regular basis. Shortly after the announcement of your partnership, he began calling Bob Arum and Don King dinosaurs. Do you concur with his statement?

ODLH: (laughing) "Obviously, yes, we do agree on that. One thing I do agree with Hopkins is, it's time for new fresh blood to revolutionize boxing and Golden Boy Promotions is going to be the one."

GL: Will you be moving back down to welterweight?

ODLH: "I am actually. I'm still working on the promotional company and I'm still doing other business ventures and I'm focusing on that right now, but once I have my mind set on returning to the ring, I'll be fighting at 147."

GL: I know you love fighting on Cinco De Mayo weekend in May, will you be returning to the ring about that time?

ODLH: "Well, my date is September. I love May, but my big day is September, we can exclude May. I'm thinking of maybe handing over May to Barrera if he wants to fight in May. Then I could fight in my month, September."

GL: Are you moving down to welterweight because you feel that's your more natural weight? What makes you decide to fight as a welterweight again when you haven't fought there in over four years?

ODLH: "I was making 148, 149 when I was training for Hopkins. That there made me realize that I'm not a 160 pounder, I'm not a 154 pounder, I'm a welterweight. I know that I can fight at 147 and not feel weak. I'm telling you, I can make 147 with no problem at all."

GL: I've spoken to undisputed welterweight champion Cory Spinks recently and he says, hey if Oscar's coming to 147, I respect him as a fighter, let's do this...

ODLH: (cutting in) "Well, he is the undisputed champ there and you have to give him his dues and respect him for being the champion there. Obviously I've always fought the best so Cory Spinks is certainly not a name that we're going to exclude.

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