Exclusive Interview: Oisin Fagan

By Brad Cooney


Exclusive Interview: Oisin Fagan

Boxingtalk recently caught up with Irish Light Welterweight Champion, Oisin Fagan (16-3-9KO). Fagan was born in Dublin Ireland, and had dreams of playing professional soccer but circumstances changed his course, and he ultimately landed inside the ropes of professional boxing. This tough brawler out of Dublin currently holds the Irish Light Welterweight Championship, and in this interview he makes one thing clear, he wants another shot at Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. 

BT - Oisin for those boxing fans who may not know who you are in America, please talk a little bit about your background.

OF - I am from Dublin Ireland, and I came to America about 8 years ago on a soccer scholarship. I have a couple of degrees, and got into some financial trouble coming out of school, I needed some money to try to get back home to Dublin. I ran into a guy that had over 200 fights, and he told me that he could get me a fight for a few hundred dollars. I jumped on board with that, and had my first pro fight. I hooked up with Stacy Goodson last year, and now I am fighting with him.

BT - So you had no amateur fights at all ?

OF - I had 3 amateur fights back home, but I always wanted to be a professional soccer player. We played soccer 4 days a week, so I went to the boxing gym to keep fit. I had 3 amateur fights over a 3 or 4 year span.

BT - Now you are 16-3 as a professional fighter, are you looking to step up in opponents soon Oisin ?

OF - Well in my 7th fight I took on Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, and I fought him in Las Vegas. It was a coming out party for Chavez Jr, so I knew that if I didn't knock him out, he would get the decision. I have been looking for a rematch with Chavez Jr for two years now, he refuses to give me a rematch. I think it's the right time to give me a rematch. I think he's a decent lad, and I respect his family, he knows that this is a business that we chose to get into, and by giving me a rematch it would give him an opportunity to show his critics that he is willing to step up in competition. I am the Irish Light Welterweight Champion, and I worked damn hard to become the Irish National Champion, and to do that in Ireland is nothing to be snooked at.

BT -  A lot of people say that Chavez Jr has been pampered with his opponents so far, what are your thoughts ?

OF - When I fought him, I guess they were looking for an easy opponent, all you had to do is look over at his father (Chavez Sr) and look at his face right before the decision was read, he just shook his shoulders, and had an expression as if he wasn't sure if they would get the decision or not. My people have been oppressed for centuries, and every time I get into that ring I do not forget that, and that's what I bring into the ring with me I don't want to let my people down. I am not saying I am the most skilled fighter out there, but where I lack in skills I make up with my big Irish Hands. I think this would be a great fight if he fights me, I think it would be a very exciting show for HBO to put on, and I know he doesn't have an opponent for September at the moment, so I urge him to get down to 140 lbs, and I will gain weight to fight him at that weight. I hope his people will get in touch with Stacy Goodson, and let's get this thing going. Chapter 2 will be a lot different than chapter 1 in my mind.

BT - Do you think Chavez Jr is over-rated ?

OF - Somewhat, I think he's a good fighter. I don't think he's world class though.

BT - So you are willing to fight him at a catch-weight ?

OF - I think he's too big for me at 147lb. I fought him last time at 136lb, I don't think I have it me to fight at 147lb. I would like to fight him at 140lb.

BT - So your people have tried to contact Chavez Jr's people several times to get this rematch ? Who have you contacted ?

OF - My promoter talked to his people twice. I am trying to get the word out for him to fight me by word of mouth right now, to try to get him to take the bait. He didn't want to take me on straight after that last time we fought, I think he realized that he was in a tougher fight than he expected.

BT - What's next for you Oisin ?

OF - I am hoping to get on the John Duddy card, that's what we are working on at the moment.

BT - Talk a little bit about John Duddy, he's from your neck of the woods.

OF - I don't know him personally, but I heard he is a nice lad. He has a great future ahead of him, and it would be great for me to get on his card. I am in Oklahoma, and there isn't many people from Ireland that live in Oklahoma (laughs).

BT - Talk about your team Oisis.

OF - I am currently sparring with Carson Jones (12-2-1D-7KO), he fought on ESPN a few weeks ago. My trainer is Steve Thomasson, he actually refereed Joe Mesi's fight in Arkansas. Also, Eddie Autry, and Gray Graham.

BT - Where would you like to see your career this time next year ?

OF - I want to have the Irish Title behind me, and I want to have beaten a big name by then. I would like to be on my way towards a minor World Title, and on to even bigger things after that.

BT - Talk to the fans.

OF - I want to thank everyone for their support, and I hope that the Irish fans continue to support me like they have been doing.


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