Exclusive Interview: O'Neil Bell

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: O'Neil Bell

GL: What's good O'Neil? "Everything is good right now. I've had a great training camp and we put in a lot of round of quality work. I'm feeling really good going into this fight and I'm ready to put on a great show on Saturday night."

GL: Can you tell us what you know about Mormeck as a fighter?

OB: "I know a lot about him as a fighter and I know he's an excellent fighter. He comes to fight and he's built like a Greek God, whether or not that will be an advantage for him remains to be seen or not. As far as his tactics, he's a straight forward kind of guy and he's one dimensional. But I'm not going to back up one step even though I know I could box if I have to. This is going to a war, it's going to be a hard fought fight and it's going to come down to who's in better condition."

GL: This is the first time of your career, where you're coming into a fight as the underdog...

OB: (cutting in) "I disagree with that. I've been an underdog my life. Going back to my debut I feel I was the underdog. I felt I was the underdog against Kelvin Davis, Arthur Williams and Derrick Harmon. I've always been the underdog but that doesn't bother me because it means that the other guy has more to prove and more to lose than I do. I'm looking to put on a spectacular show and being the so called underdog only helps motivate me more."

GL: Even though you've considered yourself the best cruiserweight in the world for quite some time, many felt the decision over Brown was questionable...

OB: (cutting in) "I don't really get into what people are thinking but I know they're going to be thinking differently after I make my mark on Saturday night. And I have to give it up to Don King he's world renowned and he's done a great job of promoting the cruiserweights and I have to give him props for putting me on this kind of stage in a fight this big. I'm going to shine on January 7."

GL: Do you really feel you could be successful slugging it out with Mormeck or must you utilize some movement to make your life easier?

OB: "Man, slugging it out is the way I like it. I have to listen to my corner and they're telling me to box and move side to side, but I like it bloody. When somebody really comes to fight that's when I really want to fight, but I'm not one dimensional like he is so I'm going to do a bit of everything, I'm going to be tactical. It doesn't matter though, I could win going toe to toe or boxing him for twelve rounds."

GL: What would becoming undisputed cruiserweight champion mean to you?

OB: "It would be a childhood dream come true to be recognized as the best in the world and it would be a win that would get me a lot more recognition. It's going to be a great honor to be recognized as the king."

GL: Do you ever see yourself fighting at heavyweight?

OB: "Yes and I've given a lot of though to that but right now I have to stay focused on what's in front of me and that's Jean Marc Mormeck on Saturday night! I know the money will be heavier up there so as long as I take care of business I'm probably going to be up there sooner or later."

GL: Do you see this fight going the distance? And if not what's your official prediction?

OB: "I'm not real good on prediction, I'll let you know this though, I'm going to be letting my hands go and do what we've been working on in the gym. People know I could punch and he's not going to be hard to find so I'll leave it at that."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

OB: "I want everyone to tune in because this is going to be a banger on Showtime Championship Boxing this weekend. I'm going to silence a lot of my critics and I'm really looking forward to becoming the undisputed cruiserweight champion of the world."


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