Exclusive Interview: Montell Griffin

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Montell Griffin

JA: How’s everything been Montell? What’s the latest with you?


Montell Griffin: Right now I’m just waiting to get a date for a tune up bout, possibly December 3rd.  I’m just ready to keep fighting and hopefully be fighting for a World title soon.


JA: Can you give us your thoughts on Jones-Tarver III fight?


Montell Griffin: It went pretty much how I thought it would go. Roy looked a lot better than I thought he would. If he wasn’t scared about getting caught with a punch, I think that he could have knocked Tarver out. I think he had Tarver gone; he was dead tired in the 10th round. He showed flashes of his old self in the fight.


JA: Do you think that was the same Tarver that you fought in Foxwoods?


Montell Griffin: The Tarver that I fought, I mean he beat me I can’t lie. I got hit with a rabid punch in the first round. I went 12 rounds with a concussion and he still couldn’t knock me out. I just wish I could have the opportunity again to fight him.


JA: You fought Julio Gonzalez and you suffered a cut over your eye….


Montell Griffin: (Cutting in)  It wasn’t that bad. The Julio Gonzalez fight and the Rico Hoye fight was bullshit, I hope you right that down. The man did not hit me 3 clean punches in the whole fight, I was coming on strong and I was out jabbing him. You know what; my agent set me up with a fight in L.A during Cinco De Mio, that’s why I lost the fight. I would love to fight him again; I have no respect for him, I got robbed.


JA: Do you feel as though that held you back to become once again Light Heavyweight Champion?


Montell Griffin: Well every body that I talk to tell me how bad I got robbed with the Julio Gonzalez and Rico Hoye fights. I am not going anywhere. I just had two fights in a row and I didn’t get hit with 5 clean punches.


JA: Are you looking at the possibility of maybe fighting Glen Johnson down the road?


Montell Griffin: I would love to fight Glen Johnson. I would love to fight Roy and I would love to fight Tarver, those are the three guys that I would love to fight.


JA: With Roy, do you want to fight him more because of how the last time went?


Montell Griffin: I mean like I said he looked a lot better than what I thought he would look. I would love to have a third fight with him. If I had a list of people that I want to fight the order would go Roy first, Glen Johnson second and Tarver third because he is the best Light Heavyweight in the World right now.


JA: Now Roy said he might be looking to fight in January, is that a possibility?


Montell Griffin: I would love to fight him. I would take that fight in a second. I feel as though I got a raw deal in the second fight. They changed the time of the second fight and that messed me up.


JA: Now do you think that Roy is done as a fighter or do you feel as though he showed signs of himself coming back?


Montell Griffin: He looked better than I thought. Against Glen Johnson I thought that he was done. Against Tarver he showed a lot of skills and a lot of flashes of greatness but he ran out of punches because he was too scared to get hit.  


JA: Now do you feel as though Antonio Tarver is really a great Light Heavyweight?


Montell Griffin: I don’t think he is a great fighter, no disrespect to him. There’s nothing really special about him, he’s just a 6’3 southpaw that’s it.


JA: Do you feel as though the Light Heavyweight division is open for your taking?


Montell Griffin: Yeah there is a lot of excitement that is going on in the Light Heavyweight division right now.  You have Glenn Johnson, Tarver and Roy, hopefully real soon it can be Montell Griffin up there. You have three World Champions that don’t want to talk about me. I would love to fight Clinton Woods, I would love to fight Thomas Ulrich, he lives in Chicago and I would love to fight him there.


JA: Seems to me that you would fight anybody, it doesn’t really matter….


Montell Griffin: Man I will fight anybody. I was going though a lot of things in my life. I went through a divorce and now that has been finalized.


JA: Now after winning the Light Heavyweight Championship does that make it more desirable to win it again?


Montell Griffin: Of course. Once you get a taste of the good life you want it back.


JA: Are we going to being seeing you again in 2005?


Montell Griffin: Of course. I’m waiting to hear right now on a fight that can take place in Indiana on December 3rd at a casino; hopefully I can get on that card and get a tune-up fight.



JA: Do you and your new manager have a game plan to get to the top of the Light Heavyweight division?


Montell Griffin: Well right now where hoping to sign with Don King. We are going back and forth talking. I would love to fight Thomas Ulrich for the WBC title, if I can’t get Tarver or Johnson I would love to get him. I think it would be a huge fight if it was fought in Chicago.


JA: Are the talks between you and Don King close to getting done?


Montell Griffin: Well we have been talking. Nothing serious right now.


JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing to your fans out there on Boxingtalk.com?


Montell Griffin: All I need is an opportunity and I will show where I’m at, my fans know where I’m at.