Exclusive Interview: Missy Fiorentino

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Missy Fiorentino

JA: Your out in California with that beautiful weather, how is everything going with you Missy? "Everything is going really good, today is going to be my first day in the gym out here in California and I am really looking forward to training out here."

JA: What made you go out to California?

MF: I wanted to really concentrate on the fight and it gets me away from all the possible distractions that may take place in Rhode Island. There is going to be great sparring out here and that had a factor into why I wanted to come out here and train.

JA: In your eyes do you think that this fight is the biggest fight of your career?

MF: Yeah I think that its one of the biggest fights of my career because I am moving up two weight classes to fight Jamie. My last fight was a title fight but the only difference is that I am going to be moving up two weight classes to fight her.

JA: How did the fight get brought about. Did the Clampitt camp want the fight or did you want the fight, how did the fight come about?

MF: I think that we both wanted to fight, we tried to compromise on the weight but we couldn’t come to that so I had to move up to her weight division.

JA: Is it weird now that you are going to have to pack on the extra weight to move up to her weight class?

MF: I feel that I will be stronger in the fight; it is going to be so weird because of the fact that I am so used to taking the weight off. Now I can eat but before I couldn’t eat I would have to stress to make weight.

JA: Is this going to be a permanent weight class that you are going to be fighting at or is this a one time deal?

MF: After this fight me and my camp are going to sit down and discuss everything.

JA: Do you think that Jamie has ever seen a fighter like yourself before?

MF: I don’t think that she has fought anyone that has put as much pressure on her like I am going to do, be as aggressive as I am.

JA: I know that you guys do a lot of shows together and by watching her do you think that she handles well under pressure?

MF: We will find out. I don’t know because the fighters that she fought never really put a lot of pressure on her, I know that she likes to move around a lot.

JA: What has Peter Manfredo Sr. been telling you about the fight?

MF: Peter really wanted this fight; he thinks that I can beat her.

JA: I know a couple of years ago you were very raw as a fighter, do you think with working with Peter Sr. you are becoming more of a complete fighter?

MF: Yeah since I been with Peter I been improving a lot more with my skills, I don’t come forward as much as I used to.

JA: Is there anything that you want to say to your fans out there Missy?

MF: Yeah just tell the fans that I will be ready for the fight and I am going to be in great shape to get another belt around my waist.


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