Exclusive Interview: Mike Tyson and Antonio Tarver

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: Mike Tyson and Antonio Tarver

Boxingtalk.com is proud to present this members only exclusive interview with former undisputed heavyweight champion "Iron" Mike Tyson, who returned to the gym today, and light heavyweight king Antonio Tarver. After speaking with Tyson we conferenced Tarver in and as you would expect, neither combatant was at a loss for words. Tyson and Tarver at the same time? Yep and it's ONLY on Boxingtalk!  It's GREAT to be a member!

GL: What's up Magic?

Antonio Tarver: "Greg, what's up?"

GL: I got Mike Tyson on the phone with me.

Mike Tyson: "That nigga ain't no magic Greg. That ain't no magic nigga, we see the broken coins in his hat and the rabbit's foot is fucked up. The rabbit is sick from rabies or something. He ain't no Magic Man."

Antonio Tarver: "You done came back to America Mike?"

Mike Tyson: "Yeah, nigga I'm home."

Antonio Tarver: "So we're going to put this fight together baby!"

GL: Mike's ready to put it on you Tarver. He told me you're going to catch a dirt nap. And Mike's in the gym today! That's right the gym!

Antonio Tarver: "That's where Mike needs to be to work some of that ring rust off."

Mike Tyson: "Tell that nigga. I'm in the gym looking good Greg."

Antonio Tarver: "Well I stay ready to keep from getting ready."

Mike Tyson: "It's been almost a year and I don't feel like I've missed anything Greg. I'm in the gym."

GL: Antonio, your mouth has motivated Mike to the point that he's back in the gym already following a European expedition.

Antonio Tarver: "You know what? My mouth done got a whole lot of them motivated, but it ain't get them what they was looking for though."

GL: Have some real talk. Is this fight going to happen, or is this just going to be talk?

Mike Tyson: "Greg, I'm going to be in a movie with that nigga, so we might get it on, on the movie set."

Antonio Tarver: "I don't mind, and I'd love to get Mike in the movie to help promote this super fight. All I'm doing right now is of legendary proportions. We're trying to do something that's going to transcend the game and I think with a great fighter like Mike Tyson, I can truly show these people that I really belong. And if I can't dance with the big boys, it ain't no shame in that. But we're going to see if I belong in the heavyweight division or not."

Mike Tyson: "If you're going to do it you might as well start at the top brother."

Antonio Tarver: "That's it baby."

GL:  Antonio, you know Mike comes in there throwing them bombs brother.

Antonio Tarver: "Well, they thought Roy Jones Jr was Superman, but I had the Kryptonite for his ass too."

Mike Tyson: "You did a number on my man Roy, but that's why I'm coming back. I'm going to be the Roy redeemer."

Antonio Tarver: "Well you know Roy couldn't do it. And this time around Mike, we're going to get it right the first time! Ain't going to be no damn rematch I'm going to get this one done right the first time."

Mike Tyson: "I hear you brother."

Antonio Tarver: "I'm out here working with Sly, I'm putting on a few pounds, I'm looking good. And so people going to be surprised when they see how this body is going to fill out into the heavyweight division."

GL: Since you're in Hollywood, isn't that artificial filling out?

Antonio Tarver: "This ain't Hollywood filling out, because I don't plan on going back down. But you know what I feel like I belong here."

GL: Mike told me your stay at heavyweight is going to be a one night stand if you get in there with him.

Mike Tyson: "You know that shit. And I hope it could happen in Orlando because I got a lot of beautiful women in Orlando that miss me. I met them at your fight, but they miss me now."

Antonio Tarver: "After we do this up big, I'm going to send you to Disney World Mike, because you're going to need a vacation after what I put on you."

Mike Tyson: (laughs) "Greg, I like this guy. Too bad I got to kill him, but I like this guy so much. Let's get our people to make the date and let's make it happen."

Antonio Tarver: "After we take care of this movie in Vegas we're going to get together and get it done. Let's take it to the people. Some of them think it's bullshit, but it's going to be the biggest fight of the 06 year. Boxingtalk is where you're going to get it true and live right here. Greg Leon, you the man I'm going to talk with you later.

Mike Tyson: "Do your thing minister I love you."

GL: Alright fellas, I'll holla.


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