Exclusive Interview: Matt Remilard

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Matt Remilard

JA: What’s the latest Matt? "Training is going really well for the fight that I have next Friday night on March 31st at the Mohegan Sun. JA: Was the plan to get you back in the ring as soon as possible after your 2nd round knockout victory on February 13th? "Definitely. We have been trying to get fights but fights have been falling out for us. We were supposed to fight last week but my opponent fell out. We have a lot of tentative fights scheduled for 2006; we have March 31st  at the Mohegan, April 29th at Foxwoods, May 5th in Rhode Island and May 10th at Foxwoods."

JA: So you are going to be fighting back to back on May 5th and May 10th?

Matt Remilard: If everything goes right that’s the plan.

JA: Do you know who you will be fighting this week at the Mohegan?

Matt Remilard: It’s a 90% chance that it’s going to be Edward Valdez out of New York. Edward is 3-3 with 2 knockouts. If you look at his record it’s a good 3-3, he received a draw with Danny McDermont in his hometown. Edward fought last week and knocked out Lorenzo Bethea in the 2nd round. Lorenzo was 5-0 when Danny they fought; Edward is a good 3-3. We are just waiting for the contracts to come in and get everything finalized.

JA: Are you progressing at the pace that you want to as a professional?

Matt Remilard: I would like to get some rounds in and that is what we are looking for right now. We want someone to take me 6 rounds, I am ready to go six rounds. The first round knockouts are nice but we are trying to see where I am at because it’s hard to see where I am at when I am knocking these guys out early. We are trying to look for an opponent that can take what I got so we can see where I am at.

“Jackie always tells me about how Tommy Hearns had 20 or so first round knockouts and by the time he was up there he was doing 10 rounds. I know that I can go 6 rounds but the thought if something happens is always in the back of my mind. Before I know it I am going to be fighting 8 and 10 round fights, I want to get more rounds in under my belt.

JA: Is conditioning a problem for you?

Matt Remilard: No I run 5-6 miles a day in the gym so I am ready for anything, where just waiting for the right opponent to take me there.

JA: How has sparring been for you?

Matt Remilard: Sparring has been great, a little slow right now because where getting close to next Friday. I was getting good sparring from Pito Cardona who just made his comeback fight last week; he knocked the guy out in the first round. I have been getting great work and I am ready for everything right now.

JA: If everything goes right how many times would you like to fight in 2006?

Matt Remilard: If everything goes right I would love to fight 8 times. If I can fight every month that would be good, me personally I would love to fight every week. Whenever there is a card we are trying to get on it, right now it’s more or less a waiting game to see if we can find the right opponent.

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing Matt?

Matt Remilard: I just want to thank everyone out there for supporting me. Keep an eye out for Matt Remilard you are going to see a lot more of me this year. I would like to thank my team Paul Cichon, Jackie Kallen, and Jimmy Burchfield for all they have done for me; I have a great team around me.  I just want to thank you guys at Boxingtalk.com for looking out for me and conducting this interview with me.


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