Exclusive Interview: Marco Antonio Rubio

By Darren Nichols


Exclusive Interview: Marco Antonio Rubio

Rubio looking for KO on Friday night!

Ask almost any fighter preparing for an upcoming bout, and he will tell you that if the knockout comes, then it comes, but he isn’t looking for it.  That is not the case for middleweight contender and powerhouse Marco Antonio Rubio.  This Friday, when he faces Aslanbek Kodzoev in the main event at Cicero Stadium in Illinois, Rubio will be looking to send everyone home early by using his strength and intensity on Kodzoev, giving himself his 30th KO victory.  BoxingTalk recently spoke with Rubio to get his thoughts on his upcoming bout, how he plans to take out his opponent, and what will happen if Kodzoev can take his best punch.

BoxingTalk:  Marco, you are headlining a show in Cicero, IL. on January 27th, how is preparation for this fight coming?

Marco Antonio Rubio:  Right now I am at the peak of my training and I’m currently training between seven and nine rounds with a couple different sparring partners.  In addition to that I am running an hour to an hour and a half per day.

BoxingTalk:  With 5 of your last 6 fights ending in knockout wins for you, what is your strategy coming into this fight?

Marco Antonio Rubio:  The most important factor for me right now is my conditioning and my defense.  I have trained to go the distance, but I will be depending on my power throughout the fight.

BoxingTalk:  What do know about your opponent Aslanbek Kodzoev?

Marco Antonio Rubio:  I know he has a win over Julio Cesar De La Cruz.  I know he Kodzoev is a strong fighter, but it is to my benefit when a fighter comes to fight.  If I have to fight a technical fight then I will get technical, and if I have to box then I will box if I need to, but I’m looking to knockout Kodzoev.

BoxingTalk:  What happens if you get in the ring with Kodzoev, and he can take your best shot?

Marco Antonio Rubio:  If he can take my best punch then I will turn the fight into a technical boxing match, and I’ll beat him on points.  Thanks to my preparation and conditioning, I am prepared to go the distance, and if I have to I can win by points, not just by knockout.

BoxingTalk:  Like yourself, Kodzoev has beaten some good opposition.  Do you consider this a step up in competition for you?

Marco Antonio Rubio:  I take all my fight seriously, and I prepare as though all my fights will be a difficult fight, regardless of who my opponents have faced.  Every fight I have is important as my career and experience continues to grow.

BoxingTalk:  Speaking of your competition, you have defeated J.C. Candelo, who went 12 rounds with Winky Wright, you stopped Grady Brewer, who gave Anthony “the Messenger” Thompson his first and only, and you knocked out Fitz Vanderpool in the first round, something Fernando Vargas could not do.  With these wins on your record, do you feel you are underrated as a fighter?

Marco Antonio Rubio:  I feel each organization has their own politics and their way of classifying boxers.  My wins and what I’ve done speaks for itself, and hopefully the fans see me for who I am and what I do.  What is important to me is to put on a good performance for my fans and to win.

BoxingTalk:  What are you plans for 2006?

Marco Antonio Rubio:  Right now the first objective is to win the fight on the 27th, after that my promoter, Golden Boy Promotions and I will be looking forward to fight for the champion ship as soon a possible.

BoxingTalk:  Are you expecting bigger fights in the coming year?

Marco Antonio Rubio:  I think every fight is a big fight.  I will be headlining on Telefutura, and it’s just the beginning of 2006.  My ultimate goal is to show the boxing world that I’m ready for any fighter at any level.

BoxingTalk:  With a victory at the end of this month, when would you like to be back in the ring? 

Marco Antonio Rubio:  If I come out uninjured I would like to fight every six to eight weeks.  I maintain my training and my conditioning in order to do that.  However, if my next fight turns out to be a difficult one, then I’ll have to take time off and come back in three months.

BoxingTalk:  What would you like to say to your fans who will be coming out to watch you fight on the 27th?

Marco Antonio Rubio:  I appreciate all my fans and those who have followed me.  I’m going in this fight to give you all a great show and I hope you all expect that.  I know I will put on a great fight for you.

BoxingTalk thanks Mr. Rubio for taking the time to speak with us.  We wish him continued success both in and out of the ring.


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