Exclusive Interview: Manny Pacquiao


Exclusive Interview: Manny Pacquiao

Video Interview By Darren Nichols Transcribed By Jose "OnFire" Aguirre

Darren Nichols: We got Manny Pacquiao with Boxingtalk.com. manny why take on such a tough fighter as Erik Morales as your first fight at junior lightweight?

Manny Pacquiao:"Because I'm motivated to fight the best in the 130 division."

DN: Your last fight was in Manila and you had fourty thousand people there. Here if the seats sold out you'll be fighting in front of fourteen thousand. How is that for you fighting from fourty thousand to fourteen thousand people?

MP: "Fourteen thousand people showed because that was all the tickets they could sell. But there are millions of people watching on PPV."

DN: Fighting live, is it different fighting in front of fourty thousand as it is fighting in front of fourteen thousand?

MP: "No it's not differen for me because we're only two in the ring."

DN: From this point on are you a junior lightweight or will you go back to featherweight?

MP: "Depends who my opponent is. If it's featherweight or junior lightweight I can move at 130 pounds or even go back to 126 pounds."

DN: Where do you see the biggest challenge in fighting Erik Morales?

MP: "Big challenge. He has alot of fans. Supporters. There are alot of Mexican people who will watch the fights."

DN: After this is there a fighter that you would like to face next? Would you like a Marquez rematch, Barrera rematch or someone else?

MP: "Not yet. We will finish this fight and then we can talk about the next fight."

DN: Manny there have been some talks about a big robbery between Mexican's and Philipino's. Do you feel that as you get ready to fight Erik Morales?

MP: "I don't think so. Mexican's and Philipino's are friends. They're friends."

DN: Have you met Erik Morales before?

MP: "No this is the first time."

DN: Are you excited about this fight?

MP: "I'm very, very excited. This is a good fight and it's my pleasure to fight a great fighter."

DN: What should people expct from this fight when they come to see you?

MP: "Good fight and alot of action."

DN: Do you have a prediction?

MP: "No I don't want to predict this fight because Morales is a great boxer too. Great warrior."