Exclusive Interview: Luan Krasniqi

By Michael Doss


Exclusive Interview: Luan Krasniqi

BT-Luan, is their any news about your next fight? "There is not much I can tell you right now. My next fight will most likely take place in Stuttgart on 29th of April but this is all I know at the moment."

BT-Your second fight was actually here in the United States, do you plan on coming back any time soon? And if a Brewster rematch happens would you consider Coming to the states since Lamon went to Germany the first time?

LK-It was a great time to be in the United States I like the people that I met there, which were very kind to me. So if there is a chance for big fight, I surly would come. I told Lamon that I was very happy that he came to Germany to give me the chance to fight for the belt. And if he gave me a rematch I would come to his place. Any time and any place would be fine for me. All I would need is a invitation.

BT-Almost all fighters train away from home because of distractions and other things. You actually have your own gym in your home and train there for your fights. Can you tell us how you train and why you train for most fights in your hometown?

LK-You know, I am a family man and so the best for me, is to be at home. In my hometown I have anything, what I need to feel well. There is my family and friends and it is easier for me to relax after a hard work out. But on the other hand, I trained in so many places all over the world, I can do it again. But why should I when I could be at the place that I love the most?

BT-The German boxing scene has really been lifted on a higher level last year. With fighters like Arthur Abraham and Valuev winning belts recently and other champions like Marcus Beyer and Sergei Dzntrunk Germany seems to be on a roll again. Tell the fans your thoughts on German boxing as we know it.

LK-It is nice to hear this and really I do think it is a new generation growing up and the people in Germany love to watch the fights. In Germany there was a long history of boxing, just think about Max Schmeling. Honestly it is also the result of the good work, which my promoter Klaus-Peter Kohl and also Sauerland Event did.

Also the two big TV-Stations show the fights for free, so you have the money to train the guys. And the young guns don’t have to leave Germany to earn their money.

This is just my opinion the on the reasons, but boxing in Germany has improved.

BT-You are originally from Kosovo and been in Germany for a while. Can you tell us more about your life in Kosovo and the transition from there to Germany?

LK-I had a beautiful childhood in Kosovo, but my father lived in Germany for work.

When I was ten years old my mother also went to Germany and I stayed with my brothers in Kosovo at my grandmothers.

When I turned sixteen I left Kosovo to join my family in Rottweil.

It wasn’t easy the first time, but I kept on working hard to learn the language and make my graduate.

But also there were many people who helped me get started. So after all I can say, I am a lucky guy and Germany gave me a chance, for which I am thankful.

BT-Hopefully the American fans can see more of you, until that time comes would you like to say a few words to them and to your great fans around the world.

LK-Thank you again for the compliment and the chance to say a word to all the wonderful people all around the world, I am getting much response via email from the people and it is really great to read all this!

I want to thank all the people who believe in my abilities, I am really happy about this and grateful to have such great fans.

It really makes me work harder and motivated knowing that I have so many great people that enjoy seeing me in the ring and I will not let you guys down!


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