Exclusive Interview: Larry Hazzard

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: Larry Hazzard

GL: What are your thoughts on the NSAC's decisions regarding the Judah's suspension and where does the New Jersey Commission stand as it relates to licensing Zab Judah? "First off I'm a bit confused with this entire ruling in that it appears that Judah has been fined more than Roger Mayweather who precipated the whole situation. Did anyone explain why Judah was being fined more than the person who started the whole situaion? I am terribly confused about that. People could point to it being his second altercation but that's beside the point because already paid those fines and served that suspension. He paid his price for the first infraction so that arguement can be shot down pretty quickly. The referee didn't even take a point away for the fouls Judah committed. So in the point of the referee you had a situation that didn't warrant a disqualification and it didn't even warrant a point being taken away. I don't want to sound stupid, but I'm confused. Roger Mayweather started this whole thing and in New Jersey Roger Mayweather would have caused his fighter to be disqaulified. As far as New Jersey is concerned this is considered an administrative decision and he would not automatically be rejected in the State of the New Jersey."

GL: So he would have to go through a process, but the Judah's license aren't revoked in New Jersey. Is that the position the Commission is taking?

Larry Hazzard: "Absolutely. And I know the first statements people are going to make is why aren't you honoring another Commission's decision and my answer to that is this, we have laws and everyone is entitled to their day in court. I don't totally agree with what Nevada has done. I think I have the right to say what my opinion is. I'm not criticizing them but I don't totally agree with their ruling. But I respect their ruling and if Judah decided to fight in New Jersey I think he's entitled to the process and I would grant him the right to the process."


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