Exclusive Interview: Lamont Peterson

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Lamont Peterson

JA: What’s good Lamont? "Everything is going good. Just doing my thing and getting ready for this big fight that I have coming up."


JA: How has training been Lamont?


LP: I have been getting my work in everyday. I been training really hard; I have been getting real good sparring sessions, just cant wait to get it on.


JA: For a lot of people who may not know who you are Lamont. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?


LP: For me right now boxing is my life. I really don’t do a lot besides train and run, other than that I watch tapes and do play some video games.


JA: Tell us who you are going to be fighting next Lamont?


LP: I was originally suppose to fight Courtney Burton but he pulled out, he had thought that he was fighting a different guy from around here who’s name is Lamont Pearson, my name is Lamont Peterson. Once he found who he was fighting he said he didn’t want to take the fight.


JA: Did that frustrate you Lamont?


LP: Yeah I wanted to fight him because he has the name and everyone knows him. I wanted to really fight him but now I am fighting Jose Morino. He has a good record; he is 12-1 with 10 knockouts.


JA: I know that you had a great amateur career, tell us how you took the things that you learned in the amateurs into the pros?


LP: Well in the amateurs you’re always fighting the elite fighters all the time. In the pros I am ready to do that right now, I want the fight the best in the business.


JA: When would you like to fight for a title?


LP: This fight right here I am suppose to be fighting for a vacant belt, the wbc us title. I am ready for any of the belts right now. I know that realistically I probley wont get a title shot till next year. This year I have a few T.V fights so a lot of people can see me, you don’t want to miss me fight. Next year we are looking to take over my weight class.


JA: What are your goals for 2006?


LP: I want to at least get six more fights and get to 21-0 at the end of the year. I just want my name out there, when they start thinking about who is coming up and who can possibly win the title, I want them to mention my name. For a lot of the people that do know me know that I am for real, a lot of people will say who is that and he cant do that. At the end of the year I want all the fans and writers to say that I can do it.


JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing on Boxingtalk.com?


LP: My next fight is going to be in Memphis at the Fedex Forum on February 17th. If you cant make it catch it on ESPN 2.


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