Exclusive Interview: Lamon Brewster Part II

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Lamon Brewster Part II

"I'm really going to hurt Wladimir this time around!"

JA: Who do you have on your hit list that you want to fight or you just want to fight anybody? "My thing is title unification. They can do all this talking but if your not unifying the titles it don’t make sense. "


JA: Do you think that it’s all talk or do you think that people are going to sit down and discuss this?


LB: Well if they don’t then that means there afraid that there fighter is going to get knocked out. Talk is cheap; I don’t want to hear any Heavyweight that has a title saying that they're the best Heavyweight out there and won’t unify the titles. I mean honestly, how can you say that you’re the best fighter in the world and you won’t fight another man for the title? 


JA: Is it easier making a fight under the same promoter or is it much harder to do?


LB: It’s definitely a lot easier because the promoter has nothing to lose.


JA: Would you ever fight your cousin Chris? Have you ever talked to him about doing something like that?


LB: Yeah. Our agreement is that we will fight after one of us captures another title. It doesn’t make sense for us to fight right now.


JA: Would it be harder fighting your own cousin?


LB: Nah because he explained to me that he will fight me as hard as he would fight anybody else.


JA: So when do you think we can see you in the ring again next? Early 2006?


LB: Yeah I’m looking to get back in the ring in around March, that’s where I got my mindset. I don’t know man, they keep talking about Wladmir Klitchko on the internet. I think that I’m going to go after him. People are saying that I never really beat Wladimir and he’s trying to call me out so now I think I’m really going to hurt him. The first time that I fought him I wasn’t right because I was still trying to get over the death of my trainer and not hearing his voice in the corner. Now I’m dealing with business in the worst way. I’m hungry, I’m really hungry and I can’t wait to tear these fighters up. He fought Samuel Peter and he beat Samuel Peter on a lack of experience. Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to take anything away from Wladimir, I think that he’s the better of the two brothers. I still think that he can beat 90% of the fighters out there but I feel that he didn’t give me the credit that I deserve after I beat him. Just for the simple fact that he didn’t give me the respect I deserve I’m really going to hurt him this time around.


JA: Are you mad at the fact that he used the excuse that he got dehydrated after four rounds?


LB: He was talking about vaseline or baby oil or something on his arms, I put that on for every fight. Hey he was throwing a lot of punches to keep me off; if you look at all the punches he was throwing, he never threw that many punches in any fight. He had to throw them punches because he doesn’t have any defense except for holding or running from me. You saw what happened when he stood in front of me. Anybody can throw a thousand punches and the minute I turned it around and turned it on him he didn’t want to fight no more. Now that I’m right it’s going to be ugly, it going to brutal.


JA: Worse than the first time?


LB: Oh my gosh he wont be able to do all that stuff. I stood up straight most of the fight and covered up and put pressure on him. Now it’s going to be different. My head is into the game now and I’m over the mourning of my trainer.


JA: So the death of your trainer had a huge impact on your performance during the fight.


LB: Well the thing was why am I going to go out there and throw all those punches that he’s been throwing, for what? My thing was to take him into the deep rounds where I knew he was going to be tired anyways. With the exception of my defense standing right up I knew that he was going to be throwing a lot of punches. I was hitting him with some body shots he was not used to getting hit with. As you noticed he wasn’t running from me as much and I knocked him out.


JA: Is there anything that you want to say to your fans out there on Boxingtalk.com?


LB: Yeah I would like to say A. I appreciate everybody that acknowledges me and B. I can’t take criticism. I know the fights that I’ve had in the past have been good and I want to say that I've shown a lot of heart and  taken a lot of shots that I shouldn’t have taken. But now you can expect to see the best Lamon Brewster coming. I would like to thank all my fans for supporting me and continue to keep watching me!