Exclusive Interview: Kevin Johnson

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Kevin Johnson

JA: What’s the latest and greatest with Kevin Johnson?  "Everything is going good. I am trying to separate some of these bums from the heavyweight division and let them know who the real ordeal is. Everybody thinks they deserve a title shot when they’ve fought 36 bums, that doesn’t mean anything."

JA: We were talking off the record and you were telling me that people have been ducking me, why do you think that?

KJ: My record speaks for itself. Anyone can be up on Boxrec but my accomplishments speak for themselves. You will not see on my record someone who has an embarrassing record or an opponent who is a bum.

JA: Tell us a little bit about yourself and some of the things that the fans might not know about you.

KJ: Well for the fans out there today, I am tall dark and handsome who is 26 years old with the best jab in the heavyweight division today. I can beat most of the heavyweights with my jab, that is how good it is.

JA:  Do you have a date scheduled to fight and if not when would you like to fight again next?

KJ: I was suppose to be fight yesterday and the opponent pulled out, the problem for me is getting an opponent. Nobody wants to step up to the big bad wolf, no body wants to fight me and I don’t know why that is? I am not ducking or dodging no one out here. Its depressing that no one wants to step up and fight me.

JA: Do you feel that you are ready to fight some of the bigger name in the heavyweight division?

KJ: I am 11-0 now, by next year I feel that I can fight for the title.

JA: A lot of people may be doubting you and saying “This is just another fighter saying that he can be champion when he only has 11 fights.” What do you say to all the doubters out there?

KJ: Like I told my promoter Joe Deguardia, I told him that I am not signing with you unless you make me this promise, and that promise is to get me fights, not just any fights but the toughest fighters out there. He told me that he would do that and so far he has delivered. Those who may doubt me, well help me bring these fighters to the table so I can prove every word that I am telling you right now.

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing?

KJ: I would like to fight the best fighters out there. I believe that I am the best prospect in the heavyweight division and if you’re a fighter in the division that thinks that you are better than me, well step up and fight because I don’t duck or dodge anyone. 


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