Exclusive Interview: Kassim Ouma

By Al Mermini


Exclusive Interview: Kassim Ouma

Transcribed By Jose "OnFire" Aguirre

Al Mermini: What's up? This is Al "The Monster" Mermini here with Kassim Ouma, the IBF champ. Kassim what's going on baby? How do you feel about Winky Wright's win?

Kassim Ouma: "First of all I wanna say thank God for allowing me to be here. I would like to congratulate him (Winky) because there is no Hater-ation besides him calling me little man and homeboy. He says he's from the hood. I'm from the gutter. If he's from the hood I'm from the gutter, gutter. Down deep. The dirt. I'm here and I worked hard to make it where I came from but now that I have the championship I'm just going to keep doing it like he was doing it but I think I deserve to fight him right now. Even himself said I deserve it. Now what is he waiting for to unify? He had his chance to fight Sugar Shane again in a rematch, now it's my turn."

AM: How motivated are you to fight Winky Wright?

KO: "Very, very motivated. You knwo how it is. He got the belts and I got a belt. Somebody has to have them all and becoem undisputed champion."

AM: In your last fight with Verno Philiips you had a pretty tough fight. Would you want to jump right into a fight with Winky Wright next?

KO: "Of course I would like to jump right in with Winky next. Defenitely."

AM: How do you see a fight playing out between you and Winky Wright?

KO: "I don't know. I'll leave that up to the promoters on what they're going to do. I would like to have it like tomorrow. As soon as he rests enough, now it's time to do it. Let's do it. I deserve it. Winky you said I deserve it and you know it. So if you say Mosley gave you a chance, Winky I'm talking to you. If you say Mosley gave you a chance now I need it, I need you baby. Let's take it back south. I need to eat too, man. I'm from the gutter. Let's make it happen. I'm from the dirt."

AM: Does it discourage you that Winky says he's looking for a big money fight rather than fighting you right away?

KO: "That discourages me and the boxing fans. the moeny and everything is there but still the fans want to see what's the real and who is the real man out there. The man on the job. If somethings going to happen, let it happen right now. I don't care. If Sugar Shane Mosley wants to give me a fight, I got a belt and if he wants to be champion, bring it on."

AM: You have anything you want to say to all your fans in closing?

KO: "I want to say to all my fans, I love you all. I love everybody in Africa. Still holding you guys down and I'm here."

AM: Thanks you for your time my man.

KO: "Thank you. Bye bye."