Exclusive Interview: Joshua Clottey

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: Joshua Clottey

GL: What's the latest and greatest with Joshua Clottey? "Well Greg, you these guys just don't want to fight me. My promoter (Bob Arum) contacted Kermit Cintron's people and he doesn't want to fight me, but he fights Jesse Feliciano. They contacted Paul Williams and he didn't want to fight me. He's much taller and he throws a thousand punches and he doesn't want to fight me."

GL: Do you have ANY idea when you might fight again?

Joshua Clottey: "We had a purse bid to fight Collazo for the number one position to fight Kermit Cintron and Collazo and Don King didn't show up. They don't want to fight and I don't understand it."

GL: When was this purse bid?

JC: "The other day. Top Rank showed up but they were the only people that bid." (Bob Arum later informed BT that he won the purse bid for $35,000)

GL: Will you take another tune up if you have to?

JC: "I want to fight the best for big money. If the best don't want to fight me, if Kermit Cintron, Paul Williams, Zab Judah and Luis Collazo don't want to fight me then who am I? Am I the most feared boxer in the world or what?"

GL: Ike Quartey is someone else you'd like to fight correct?

JC: "I'm ready to fight Ike if he's ready, I told you last time, I would love to beat up on all of DiBella's fighters. Ike and me aren't friends and we don't like each other, that would be a great fight but Ike has to want to make it."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

JC: "As always I want to thank you Greg and thank Boxingtalk for the interview. I want the fans to know that I've been trying to fight the best and nobody wants to fight me."


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