Exclusive Interview: Jose Luis Castillo

By Ricardo Lois


Exclusive Interview: Jose Luis Castillo

"I want to fight any of the other champions at lightweight"

RL:  How is training going for your fight with Cuba's Joel Casamayor?

JLC:  Very good, I am working very hard in preparation for the fight with Casamayor.

RL:  Is your weight at where it should be?

JLC:  Yes, I am a few pounds away from the limit.  With three weeks to go before the fight, my weight should not be an issue for this contest.

RL:  Your opinions on Joel Casamayor?

JLC:  Casamayor is a good fighter with movement and speed.  I will need to get off in the first rounds and be aggressive.

RL:  You lost two fights to Floyd Mayweather Junior, a boxer who shows a lot of speed and movement.   Casamayor's style is similar and could present problems for you.

JLC:  Well, everyone thought I won the first fight with Mayweather, except for the judges.  For whatever reasons, I was not able to execute my game plan against Mayweather in the second fight.  The difference is that Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest fighters in the world and Casamayor is not.  He is a good fighter with speed and movement.

RL:  In the recent press you have stated your interest in challenging Kostya Tszyu, did you see his last fight verses Shamrba Mitchell?

JLC:  Yes I did and it was impressive performance for Tszyu.  He showed he has not lost much in his absence and proved what a great champion he still is.

RL:  In your reasoning for a fight with Kostya, you have mentioned Tszyu's defeat over Julio Cesar Chavez.  How much of a factor is Tszyu's defeat over Chavez in your desire for this fight?

JLC:  Tszyu beat Chavez, but he has also beaten a lot of other Mexican fighters.  That is a factor, but so is the payday.  A fight with Kostya Tsyu presents a very big payday for me.

RL:  Every boxer looks for huge paydays.  Which brings me to Diego Corrales, I know there were negotiations for a fight between you and him, but no agreement could be made on the purse for the bout.

JLC:  From my understanding, Corrales wanted more money.  I want to fight Corrales.  I want to fight any of the other champions at lightweight, including Julio Diaz, or Juan Diaz.

RL:  Is a move to junior welterweight in the works for you next year?

JLC:  Yes, I imagine maybe during the middle of next year, whenever the time is right.

RL:  My understanding is that you have a fight planned in your home country of Mexico for February.  Tell us a little about that.

JLC:  Yes, we have plans for a fight in Hermosillo, Mexico.  Hermosillo is my home state in Mexico and I want to fight in front of my people. We have Billy Irwin in mind for an opponent.  Of course, I need to get past Casamayor first and I am focused on that.

RL:  Any final words to your fight fans in the United States?

JLC:  Just want to say hello to all of the Raza in the United States. I want to thank for them for their continued support and urge them to watch the fight against Joel Casamayor.


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