Exclusive Interview: Jorge Dalmau

By Brad Cooney


Exclusive Interview: Jorge Dalmau

There's a new kid on the block in the boxing promotion world, and it's Big Star Productions out of Miami Florida. Big Star Productions just wrapped up their second successful boxing show, with many more to come in the near future. Boxingtalk was able to sit down with Big Star Productions owner Jorge Dalmau, and we discussed their card held on February 10th, and what lays ahead for the future of this up and coming fight promotion/production company. (Note - this interview was conducted previous to the February 10th fight in Miami)

BT - Jorge talk about the big fight in Miami Florida.

JD - Well tonight is a great event here in Miami, we are doing Fight Night at the University of Miami Bank United Center. I must say that it is an honor for me to be here in Coral Gables, where I happened to have gone to school here at The University of Miami. We are bringing Championship boxing to the Miami fans.

BT - Talk about Danny Santiago, and what he brings to your stable.

JD - Danny Santiago goes back into the ring tonight. We feel Santiago is one of the best kept secrets in boxing, and he will go up against Rayco Saunders. (Note- Santiago fought to a draw against Rayco Saunders). Danny Santiago we hope will go on, and challenge Glen Johnson, and hopefully he will be able to challenge Antonio Tarver by the end of the year.

BT - Glen Johnson is a guy that Santiago almost fought not too long ago, what happened with that?

JD - Well they couldn't find an opponent for Glen Johnson so they wanted Danny. Patrick Burns ( Danny Santiago trainer) wanted more time to get prepared for a fight like that. Burns wanted a tune up fight before he stepped into the ring against Glen Johnson, and there was also a matter about the money as well.

BT - Patrick Burns trains Danny Santiago, he also is a consultant to Big Star Productions. Tell the readers more about how Pat Burns is affiliated with you.

JD - Patrick Burns is a boxing consultant to Big Star, and to Champions Management Group and trains Danny Santiago as well. Patrick only gets involved with people who have world championship caliber talent.

BT - How long has Big Star been around?

JD - Big Star has been around since last year, we had an amazing show in Mississippi and today we are setting up a first class show in Miami. We have Jimmy Lennon Jr, Marty Corwin who has done some of the highest grossing pay per view fights of all time as a director. We are doing a first class, and world class production. Jimmy Lennon of course is a world class boxing announcer, and Corwin directed the Manny Pacquiao fight as well as worked for Top Rank Boxing.

BT - With the names you just mentioned, it's clear you intend on taking Big Star Productions to the next level.

JD - Absolutely, Big Star will become one of the major players in boxing providing first quality boxing on the internet as well. Big Star will provide their fights through our new website coming within the next few weeks. The website URL is www.bigstar.tv  and www.bigstartv.com people can go here for the time being until we finish the site.

BT - Talk to the boxing fans Jorge, tell them what they can expect from Big Star Productions in the near future.

JD - We are looking for the next big star, we will provide 1st class quality programming for the fans. Our fights will be broadcasted across the country on Comcast Sports. We will bring the best talent to the forefront, we will give a chance to a lot of kids that deserve better than what they have been able to accomplish previously.

BT - Jorge thanks for talking to Boxingtalk.com and good luck with your future fight cards.

JD - Thank you


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