Exclusive Interview: Jorge Barrios

By Phillip Gonzalez


Exclusive Interview: Jorge Barrios

New WBO champ speaks to Boxingtalk!

PG: Congrats Jorge, tell us about the fight."I felt very relax and I knew I would dominate my opponent easily. I told him I was a much better fighter than him and then I showed him in the ring."

PG: How did you feel during the fight and what do you think that lead the fight being so easy for you?

JB: Everything was direct I hit him several times very hard, and the kid was getting hurt and that’s why he went down several times.

PG: How did this training camp prepare to your camp for the Freitas fight?

JB: Tonight I was a more experienced boxer than the night I fought Freita, more seasoned. Anchondo never got the chance to land any meaningful punch to get my respect. I totally outclassed him and he couldn't get my respect.

PG: What’s your opinion on how Mike Anchondo coming in overweight?

JB: I don’t really care, what I really care is that I knocked him out and that’s what you do when someone showed up fat to a weight in.

PG: What do you think of Erik Morales?

JB: I would like to fight him, but first I want to gain more experience to be preparing for him. I want to fight the best and he is definitely one of the best.

PG: Are you interested in unifying the division?

JB: I would like to do that in the future. I want to be able to get in two more fights and gain experience. Coming in to this fight I weighed in 140 pounds and I really felt strong during the entire bout.

Thanks you for your time, and congratulations on an impressive victory tonight!