Exclusive Interview: Jason Estrada

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Jason Estrada

JA: What did you think about Tarver-Jones III? "The fight was basically whoever hit who first. They both sat around waiting for each other to throw. To be honest about it, people have come up to me and said that Roy Jones got beat down and all that, to me I didn’t see that. To me they both did their thing, but Tarver did a little bit more. I am still a Roy Jones fan regardless.


JA: Definitely. I am big Roy fan and when Roy had that huge fifth round, I thought that if he kept that up throughout the fight I thought that he could have knocked Tarver out.


JE: Yeah, the fifth round I was going through the roof, I was going crazy in the house.


JA: Did you think Roy could have knocked him out had he thrown more punches?


JE: I think he had Tarver hurt in the fifth round. Tarver won’t admit it, in the post fight interview he never said anything about him getting caught.


JA: There were a few fights with some Heavyweight prospects over the weekend. Did you get a chance to watch any of them?


JE: Yes. Travis Walker, Jason Gavern and the other two scrubs that fought on the Roy Jones under card. Vinnie Maddalone and Brian Minto, those guys are horrible.


JA: If I am not wrong, you fought some of those guys in the amateurs?


JE: I fought Jason Gavern and Travis Walker twice each.


JA: Does that do anything for your confidence knowing that you’re 4-0 and that they're already up on the under-cards of these PPV fights?


JE: It shows me a lot. That’s my position, but these guys can have that spot right now. It’s all with who they have behind them. Some fighters can be able to do that. I’m coming, I’m coming!


JA: Does that frustrate you any?


JE: (Cutting in) A little bit, a little bit. It kind of pisses me off that they get all that good TV exposure. I don’t mind the kind of exposure that I am getting but it’s only to a certain area. Get me on the under-card of an HBO card. I will defiantly show something different, something different than I am showing now. I will definitey show who I am in those fights. But it's alright, eventually I will get my opportunity and I am definitely going to capitalize on it.


JA: Do you feel as though a lot of people will be surprised like who’s this Jason Estrada?


JE: (Cutting in) Exactly. A lot of people see the first fight when I fought in the Olympics, that’s the way I fight. The second fight was me basically being handcuffed; they were saying that I can’t do that because the rest of the team will be penalized for it. The way I fight is I’m flashy and all over the place and giving the fans what they want. But that’s all old news, but this is the way I fight now, flashy and giving the fans something new too look at it in the Heavyweight division. A lot of guys don’t fight like that in the Heavyweight division; some of them are slow and want to knock you out with every punch in the division. I am not like that; I am a lot different than everybody else.


JA: Have you come to the point that when people criticize you that you're going to brush it off knowing that you can’t please everybody?


JE: At first it bothers me. But now that I think about it, go ahead and criticize. The more they talk, the more it makes me go out there and work harder and to prove somebody else wrong. It doesn’t affect me mentally; all it does is giving me more drive. I kind of like it, go ahead and doubt me, doubt me if you want to, but I am going to make you look silly in the end; then I’m the type of person that will rub it in if I find out who’s talking about me, they will definitely be the first persons I see after I do this or that.


JA: A lot of fighters may be into that one punch Knockout. Your style is a little bit different, can you explain?


JE: The way I figure it is that everybody in the Heavyweight division can knock you out. The guy could be 15-0 with one knock out, it doesn’t matter. If he’s in the Heavyweight division he can knock you out. Even if there short or tall, it doesn’t really matter because there all big guys, and I treat them like big guys. I am always cautious; I always take care of business before I have fun in there. You been to a fight and I don’t know if you noticed what I am doing. You never see me show boating in the early part of the fight, only when the guy has nothing left or he can’t do anything to me. That’s when I start to have fun in there, but always on a cautious level.


JA: You won pretty much everything at every level in the amatuers. You have won National Championships, U.S championships. Do you see anything changing in the Heavyweight division?


JE: Not at all. It’s just a different style of fighting and I am going to take my time, and I am going to take over this division just like I took over the amateurs. I was a great amateur and I am going to be an even better pro. I am just going to take it to a whole nother level .I am going to try to be different.

JA: Are you trying to perfect the many different styles that you want to be as a professional? A lot of fighters can be one style. Are you trying to perfect it to where your not just a one style fighter.


JE: Most definitely, because than it will be easier for my opponent to study me. Most guys are out there now trying to study my fights and see what they can do. There all out there saying “How can I beat this guy”, “What can we do to him, can we pressure him, can we outbox him, what can we do”. That’s what there saying right now. For me, I love it because it makes people confused. Sometimes I can’t even figure my self out, I look at the tape and say to my self “Man I can’t believe I did that”, but I just do things out of instinct. I am blessed, I really am blessed and I thank GOD for that.

JA: Have you ever been tested in a fight?


JE: Well I was tested in the fight with Demetrius King. I was only tested because he was just as strong in the last round as he was in the first round.  Other than that I knocked the guy out before Demetrius. I pretty much beat the guy up in my pro-debut so he was really no threat at all. He was the first guy that stayed in there and was still physically strong in the last round as he was in the first round.


JA: I know you love competition so that must have been fun for you in a way.


JE: Oh that was very fun. I am always up for a challenge. I love a challenge; a challenge always brings out the best in me. I bring it to a next level when I feel my opponent is a threat. I don’t over look anyone but if I feel like this guy is really a challenge, I go in there with a higher mentality. I look at every fighter like he’s a champion; he can have a terrible record, great record it doesn’t matter. But I go in there looking at him as he is a champion and I am trying to take his belt. That’s how hard I got to work.


JA: Now you’re fighting on Thanksgiving Eve.


JE: Yes at the Providence Convention Center in Downtown, Providence.


JA: Do you know who you may be fighting on that card?


JE: I don’t know who I may be fighting. I know there looking for somebody for me to fight. I don’t even know who the potential opponent may be for the fight. To me it really doesn’t matter, I am going to work hard either way.


JA: Do you see yourself fighting one more time before the end of 2005 after Thanksgiving Eve?


JE: If there is a show in December I can jump on that one too before the year is out.  But I don’t know.


JA: I know that you have a website out there. I talked to your dad earlier and he was telling me that he got a lot of shirts in. Do you want to throw a plug out there for that?


JE: Ya if anyone wants more about me boxing, my life. I have my website www.Jasonbigsix.com. You can find pictures on there with me, Matt Godfrey and Peter Manfredo Jr when we were 14 years old. There is a lot of information on there so go check it out!


JA: The fans themselves can contact you if they have a question or just want to write to you?


JE: Yeah, they can contact me through my email on my website Jason@jasonbigsix.com