Exclusive Interview: James Prince

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: James Prince

Corrales manager says Chico's still under contract to GSP!

GL: I spoke with Shane Mosley last night and he commented on Golden Boy Promotions recent signing of Diego Corrales. I'm sure you've seen the interview, is there anything you'd like to say in response? "I think that as far as that interview is concerned Shane blew things way out of context as far as speaking on Diego's business and him taking home $200,000 from $1.2M, it's almost insinuating that J. Prince didn't look out for his fighter. Whether he meant that indirectly or directly, I'm going to call him and talk to him about it. But since I wasn't asked about this situation before he went on record, all of that money, and Diego knows better than anybody, all of that money was taken from Diego's business and he knows what business I'm speaking of. I want this to be clear I got my fighter a $1.2M purse to fight Casamayor, which everyone knows is great. As far as the paper that came out of that, the taxes, the money the commission fined him for not making the weight and advances he received, that's something only he can be accoutable for, nobody else."

"For him to get on Boxingtalk and speak in half-truths I think it's wrong and I'm going to call them to tell them I think it's wrong."

GL: So as far as Diego leaving with $200,000 from $1.2M, the reason for that is because he was fined heavily, taxes and advances...what percentage of his purse was fined?

James Prince: "I don't want to get into any details of his business to that extent, but I can say that nobody took anything from him. It's my job to make sure he's secure as far as that's concerend. To get on the internet and act like that won't happen anymore, even they're not in control of that kind of situation because they wouldn't have helped him make weight and they wouldn't be able to get him around paying Uncle Sam. And I imagine if they advanced him money, they wouldn't give it to him not expecting to be paid back."

GL: There's been a lot of back and forth as it relates to who Diego is under contract with promotionally speaking.  We all know you're his manager so tell us, were you involved with the Golden Boy deal and who is Diego under contract to promotionally?

JP: "My signature is not on the Golden Boy deal if there is a signature on it. I'm sure it will be revealed real soon that Diego is still under contract with Shaw, there's no doubt about that. I'm sure Gary is going to reveal his hand at some point, but Boxingtalk I'll tell you what time it is and that's the way it is. I just want the record to reflect that my fighter hasn't been robbed Gary Shaw or any other promoter. The ones I represent and get what they're supposed to get. Taxes and not making weight are factors beyond my control."