Exclusive Interview: James Clancy

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: James Clancy

JA: James your last fight was a unanimous decision victory over Tyrone Smith, tell us about the victory. "I was supposed to fight him on the Ricky Hatton-Luis Collazo under card and that didn’t happen because of a 12 o’clock curfew. The fight was postponed and my promoter offered me to fight June 30th in Plymouth. I said yeah I would fight and I want to fight Tyrone Smith. When I fought Tyrone, I changed my style to a Joe Frazier style where I would be bent low to the ground and use the long jab. I worked the body, worked the jab and did everything that I wanted to do in the fight. I trained hard for the fight against Tyrone and I could have gone 10 rounds if I had too. The fight was a great win for me and I am looking to use this fight as a stepping stone to bigger and more impressive victories."

JA: Every fight fighters learn something, what did you learn in your win over Tyrone?

JC: A lot of the fights that I have fought have been against very good opponents. I like to fight the best fighters that I can because when I get into a big fight, it will be second nature for me. Getting back to your question, I learned to be very patient and to use my jab more; I also learned how to break a fighter down. I am looking to fight some of the best young prospects out there. I have been sparring with Jason Estrada, Matt Godfrey and Kevin McBride. Me and Kevin fought in the amateurs, I beat him in a very competitive fight. Kevin as gotten bigger since the last time we fought [laughs].

JA: When would you like to fight again next James?

JC: I am hoping to fight sometime in September. If I could fight on a show in between then, that would be great.

JA: What are some of the things that you will be working on in the gym before your next fight?

JC: Better combinations, more accuracy with my punches. I do feel that I am coming around to being more a complete fighter. To spar with Matt Godfrey and Jason Estrada is great because of the level of talent that they are fighting at.

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing?

JC: Yeah I would like to say to all my fans that I love you all. Keep looking out for James Clancy because I will be making some noise in the heavyweight division. I appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to do the interview with me and I look forward to speaking with you more in the future.  


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