Exclusive Interview: Hector “The Hurricane” Ferreyro

By Socrates Palmer Jr


Exclusive Interview: Hector “The Hurricane” Ferreyro

This Friday night, heavyweight Hector “The Hurricane” Ferreyro looks to continue his quest towards becoming a legitimate heavyweight contender. Now considering the mediocrity that has plagued the division for the past several years his goal is very attainable. With that stated Ferreyro will have to begin with resurrecting his own mediocre record (15-7, with 10 KOs). Now who is Hector Ferreyro you may ask? Ferreyro is a Mexican American, who was born and raised in Laredo, Texas. Ferreyro had no amateur experience to speak of and according to advisor Mike Michael he came up the hard way. Hector made his bones as a street fighter in the streets of Laredo, and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. His reputation preceded him and Hector went on to win the local “Tough Man” Challenge three years in a row. Subsequently Ferreyro’s dominance in that circuit, led to him not being allowed to participate in the “Tough Man” shows.  Since 2001, Hector, has been a professional and has endured the aches and pains of bad advise and poor preparation. Hector expects that when he meets fellow heavyweight hopeful Osvaldo Martinez.

“Well I’ve prepared hard and I’m in great shape and I’m ready to take care of business on Friday night,” Ferreyro.

The soft spoken father of three really is hard to dislike. He is a 33 year old who broke into boxing in his mid twenties. Ferreyro story sounds almost cliché a man who found boxing after his luck in other more “traditional” sports did not pan out for him. Ferreyro was a solid football player in high school who went on to play mid level college football and then semi pro-ball on the grid iron. Aside from dawning gloves, Ferreyro puts food on the table for his family as a salesman. The always quotable and colorful head of Cestus Management says that Ferreyro is a new man, and that his record does not truly give a true depiction of his talent.
Well to date Ferreyro biggest win against former undefeated Leo Nolan. Nolan faced off with the “Hurricane” sporting a 26-0 record and tons of hype; he left with his first loss as a pro. Ferreyro used a devastating boxing attack to out point and upset the prospect in his opponent’s hometown. Michael feels that his man is even more dangerous now, because he finally has a real team behind him.

“He’s mentally strong, he has found his desire and basically he has his mojo, by the end of the year Hector will be ready for anyone in the top 25,” Michael.
When Ferreyro steps into the ring on Friday night he will be under the tutelage of former welterweight crowd pleasure Manuel “Shotgun” Gomez, now retired Gomez all action style has rubbed off on his protégé and Hector raves about his teacher.

“He is no nonsense and he really puts a lot of passion behind his work and you cant help but give it your all, it’s his way or the highway and he’s given me the spark that I’ve needed. This is the first time I have a real time behind me and I feel sky’s the limit. I see the heavyweight division as wide open as possible. I was supposed to have fought John Ruiz as a comeback fight about a year ago and then they pulled out said that I was too tough a fight, also I was considered as someone for Holyfield and that did not happen, obviously I must be dangerous, for those former champions people to reject me. I’m just excited and ready to go,” Ferreyro.

“We’ve got here Socrates a guy we are grooming into something special. He is rejuvenated and by the end of 2009 he will be world ranked; and you know me Soc, I would not waste my time or energy with someone If I did not think they were worth it, a hurricane is making its way through the Gulf Coast and heading straight to the Laredo Civic Center and its Hector Ferreyro, so locked the doors and head for cover,” Michael.


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