Exclusive Interview: Grady Brewer

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: Grady Brewer

GL: Jeff Wald recently told me that he wouldn't mind seeing a rematch between you and Sechew Powell. Wald says he feels you were jobbed and would love to see you right that wrong. Sechew doesn't seem to have much of a problem with it. How do you feel about a Powell rematch? "I feel perfectly fine with that, if we could back in the ring with him for my next fight, let's do it, no doubt."

GL: You've made it clear that the success you've achieved on the Cotender comes as a result of you being able to really focus on boxing. With that being said, how would you perform differently in a Powell rematch?

Grady Brewer: "I thought that what I went in there with the first time was good enough. I felt that if I get the opportunity to train full time, there's no reason he would last eight rounds."

GL: How does it feel to finally be in the position where boxing can be first?

GB: "It's great man. Now I'm working harder than I ever have before. I'm not the type of person who's going to talk crazy or say things in a bad way. But I think I'm going to be a lot better as a result of being able to have six weeks to fully prepare myself for each fight."

GL: Would erasing the loss to Powell mean a lot to you?

GB: "One of my goals is to fight all of the guys who ever beat me. I feel that all of the losses I have on my record came from guys who I was brought in as a steppingstone for. None of them really beat me, it was my fault from a lack of training, a lack of focus. I just never had the opportunity to really focus on boxing the way I am now. With Sechew Powell I didn't really like the way he was talking about how he was going to send me home in a fold-up chair. When I came out there for the fight, they tried to make the rematch and they wanted to bring me to New York for less money than I made for the first fight. Why would I take less to fight him in his backyard when I beat him the first time."

GL: So you never overpriced yourself for that fight?

GB: "Not if they were trying to pay me less than I made the first time. If anything, they should have been paying me more.

GL: Even though you feel like a different fighter with more time to prepare, there's still some who feel the jury is out on you since you were much bigger than Forbes was. How do you feel about that?

GB: "I was actually upset with myself about that performance with Steve Forbes. I had plenty of time to get ready for him and I feel I should have looked better. Forbes is a very good fighter, but I felt that I was bigger and stronger and there was no way I should have let that go the way it did and I was very upset with my performance."

GL: Do you have any idea when your next fight might take place?

GB: "Not yet, but I know I'm going to six weeks to get ready for it so they'll tell me when it's time to start training camp."


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