Exclusive Interview: Glenn Donaire

By Charles Presnell


Exclusive Interview: Glenn Donaire

For those of you who had not heard of Glenn Donaire before his bout this past Friday on Shobox, you definitely know who he is now with his entertaining fight with Caesar Lopez.  Glenn took advantage of his opportunity to display his ability and desire to become a major prospect in the flyweight division.  Fresh off his victory, Glenn took the time to speak to Boxingtalk about his fight and his future.

First of all Glenn, congratulations on your victory on Shobox over Caesar Lopez this past weekend, what did you think about the fight and how you performed?
The fight was very competitive, my opponent was just very defensive, and I couldn’t get a clean shot, and if I did I would probably have knocked him out.

What did you do differently this time around compared to the mediocre performances you had lately?
I was just mentally and physically prepared for this fight.

You seemed to be landing some heavy punches on Lopez, are you surprised he took them as well as he did?
No, because I didn’t really get a chance to hit him clean, he was just too defensive.

How much confidence have you gotten back as a result of this victory that you lost in the Gorres fight?
I just made up my mind and felt it in my heart that I can be something in boxing…In Gorres fight, I kinda underestimated him because he can’t punch, and the result was an accidental headbutt. During that time I was not mentally and physically prepared and I was in the verge of quitting and I just took the fight due to the lack of fights I get and the money was the highest ever offered to me and for the sake of my family I did. But there was no doubt in my mind I would knock him out.

You received this opportunity after your brother Nonito was injured in a sparring session, did you feel an urgency that this would be your last opportunity to make a statement that you are a serious contender?

Can we expect the same focused Glenn Donaire in your future fights?
You can expect a much better, more focus and more powerful Filipino bomber.

At 26 you’re obviously going to look for bigger fights, are there any fighters you would prefer to fight and if necessary would you travel overseas to fight for a world title?
Yes, I would travel overseas to fight. For now Jorge Arce is my dream opponent, because he’s a fighter like me.


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