Exclusive Interview: Giovanni Segura

By Darren Nichols


Exclusive Interview: Giovanni Segura

When super flyweight Giovanni Segura isn’t knocking out opponents, he is gaining knowledge and experience with the fighters that are taking him the distance.  Not that many boxers have been able to last long against Segura – only four out of twelve, and the one fighter whose match-up was considered a tie by the judges was knocked out in the first round when he met up with Segura two weeks later in their return bout.  For Segura, it is about smothering his opponent with brutal strength and determination until his hand is raised in victory when he can start targeting his next foe.  BoxingTalk caught up with Segura recently while training for his fight this Friday in Maywood, California to get his thoughts on his upcoming bout, what he will do to ensure victory, and who he would like to face in 2006 in order to prove that he is the best in his division.

BoxingTalk:  Giovanni, you are on the co-featured bout in Maywood, CA happening on January 20th.  How has your training gone for this fight?

Giovanni Segura:  It’s really good.  Everything is real tense right now because this is the last week before the fight, and we are in the middle of hardcore training right now.

BoxingTalk:  I know you have sparred with the likes of Brian Viloria and Martin Castillo.  How have they helped you prepare for this fight?

Giovanni Segura:  I’m getting a lot of experience from them.  I’m learning from their movements.  I’m training with the same trainer that Martin Castillo has, and we’re working on the little details right now like more head movements.  Viloria and Castillo are really smart.  I know I can’t just throw a punch, because if I miss them they will hit back with 3 or 4 counter punches, so I have to be really smart when I spar with them. 

BoxingTalk:  What is your strategy going into your fight this Friday?

Giovanni Segura:  Basically, I want to start slow, and then go with the rhythm of the fight.  If he is going to start hard then I will too, but I know I’m ready for anything and everything he brings.

BoxingTalk:  With 8 of your 11 wins coming by way of knockout, and most of those have been in the first round, do you feel most of your fights have ended early because of your exceptional power or because of the type of opponents you have been facing?

Giovanni Segura:  Definitely it is because of my power, I have a big advantage with my power.  My last fight went the distance, but I learned a lot from that one.  I want to get to the later rounds so that I can be confident in myself, and prove that I can fight the distance.

BoxingTalk:  How active do you want to be in 2006?

Giovanni Segura:  If I get another first round knockout, I want to fight as soon as possible.  The more active I am the better it will be for me.   If my fights end before the 4th or 5th round I am in the gym within the next couple days.  I want to get to my next fight as soon as possible.  I’m still learning, and the more active I am the more I’m going to learn.

BoxingTalk:  Is your plan to step up in competition with each fight, or will you take easier fights on your way up to the top to gain more experience?

Giovanni Segura:  Right now, I prepared for everything.  My people do the best to find the best opponents for me.  My opponent next Friday should be a good test for me, and I am not going to take him lightly.

BoxingTalk:  What do you feel you have to offer to the flyweight division that may be lacking in the 112-pound class?

Giovanni Segura:  I feel real strong, and I think I’ll be fighting around 110-112 pounds.  If I can fight for the title in either the flyweight or junior flyweight division then I’m going to take it.  I may even be able to fight at 105.

BoxingTalk:  When victorious next Friday, when will you be in the ring next, and who would you eventually like to face to prove that you belong with the best?

Giovanni Segura:  I haven’t even asked my people when my next fight is gong to be because I’m so focused on this fight.  It won’t matter who I face because if I get the chance to fight any of the champions, they will be champions for a reason.  However, if I get the chance to fight Jorge Arce, I’d like to fight him, because he hasn’t fought anyone with the power I have.  His opponents seem to be afraid of him, and I’d really like to fight him to prove that I can go up against the best.

BoxingTalk thanks Mr. Segura for taking the time to speak with us.  We wish him continued success both in and out of the ring.


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