Exclusive Interview: Gary Brandunberg

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Gary Brandunberg

JA: What’s the latest Gary? " First off I want to thank Artie Pellulo from Banner Promotions for giving us the opportunity to fight on ESPN on the 31st of May. I would like to also thank Patrick Ortiz from Ringside Ticket. We will be fighting Koba Gogoaladze and I would like to thank him for taking the fight. This is going to be Tyrone’s biggest fight in his career and he will need to bring his A game if he is going to win, I am confident that he will be at his very best for this fight."

"Koba is ranked 5th in the world and I believe that he has a few belts, the WBO and NABO belt; we really appreciate the opportunity to fight. I got some exciting news since Tyrone first started to fight we had a behind the scenes doctor in Jim Webber, he has been working with us all along. I would like to make the announcement today that Doctor Jim Webber will be Tyrone Harris personal doctor, from here on out you are going to see Jim Webber in our corner and we have a guy who is going to bring a lot more experience to the table. Tyrone told me that he is going to show the world who Tyrone Harris is on the 31st of May. As you know Jim we are a very tight Christian oriented group. Through Christ and our humble spirits we are looking forward for Tyrone to show the world who he is."

JA: Where will the fight be at Gary?

GB: The fight is going to be at Northern Quest Casino in Washington.

JA: Do you feel that Tyrone is ready for this big move up?

GB: Tyrone wanted this big move up about three or four fights ago, when Tyrone fights his fight I don’t believe too many people can beat Tyrone. We are going to be fighting a southpaw and Tyrone is a southpaw himself and I do believe that Tyrone will prevail in this fight. I thank you Jimmy for all the interview s that you do with us and as you know you have all the exclusive interviews with us.

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing Gary?

GB: I would just like to thank you Jimmy for all the support that you give us. I would just like to let all our fans know that we will be fighting on May 31st. I think that the fight is going to be a great fight and if I was you I wouldn’t want to miss it.


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