Exclusive Interview: Freddie Norwood

By Brad Cooney


Exclusive Interview: Freddie Norwood

Boxingtalk was ringside this past Saturday night at "An Old Fashioned Irish Brawl" card put on by Prizefight Promotions. Present at Fitzgerald's Casino & Hotel was former 2 Time Featherweight World Champion, Freddie Norwood. Freddie recently signed a brand new fight contract with Prizefight Promotions, and is slated to make his return to the ring on June 30th, 2006. Freddie has had some problems with the law in his past but he has put that behind him now, and looks forward to picking up where he left off, and that's in the boxing ring. Boxingtalk welcomes Freddie Norwood!

BT - Freddie, what's the latest ?

FN - I have been training for the past 11 and a half months, and I am getting ready to get back on top of the world again.

BT - Talk about your new contract with Prizefight Promotions.

FN - I am pleased with my contract with Prizefight, they are a good organization and they will be a force for years to come.

BT - Freddie you had some previous bouts with the law, served your time, and now you're back.

FN - Everybody in the world knows where I have been, I was incarcerated for protecting my mom. I did my time, and now I am back. I am focused, I am ready to move on now.

BT - When do you see yourself positioning back into another title shot ?

FN - I believe that within 10 or 11 months I will have a title shot. Whatever world title that doesn't duck me, or run from me, I will go after. I will be a number 1 contender, I am already there, I am already an aspect. I don't have to start over from the bottom, it won't take long.

BT - Who do you want next Freddie ?

FN - I don't have names right now, but I want anyone that will be willing to put their title up, and give me an opportunity. I came, I prevailed, and I conquered, I am going to come through.

BT - Freddie is there anything you would like to say in closing ?

FN - I want to tell them that I appreciate their support. I am not going to let my fans down, I am going to train hard, and stay humble. I am going to prove to the world that I am unstoppable in the ring.


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