Exclusive Interview: Freddie Barrera

By Brad Cooney


Exclusive Interview: Freddie Barrera

Boxingtalk.com brings you an up and coming prospect out of Colton California in Freddie Barrera (10-0-1KO). Barrera is scheduled to fight this coming Friday night on Shobox as the Co-Main Event, against the hard hitting Victor Ortiz (12-1-0). Boxingtalk was able to sit down with Freddie and we talk about his big TV fight coming up on Shobox.

BT - You have a big fight coming up against the very tough Victor Ortiz on Shobox, talk to me about this guy.

FB - It's a very tough fight, Victor is a strong fighter. Victor has an aggressive style, but I don't think he's seen what I have, and I am looking forward to a great fight Friday night.

BT - Freddie will this be your television debut?

FB - No, I fought on ESPN2, I was the last fight on the broadcast in July. I am a little familiar with TV, but I am still a little nervous, but that's wearing off. It's more excitement than anything else, I am excited for the opportunity for everyone to see me.

BT - Talk about what a win would do for you career.

FB - Oh man, a win would open more doors for me. This isn't my first step up though, I fought a guy that was 9-0 my fourth pro fight. This is his first step up, a win against him would open up some doors and I am looking forward to a great fight. I am ready for blood, and I am ready for guts, I am ready for everything.

BT - Where you think your career will be a year from now?

FB - Well next year? I honestly can't tell you, I take one fight at a time. My manager says by next year I should be fighting for a small title. I honestly can't tell you where I will be next year, I just want to win this fight coming up.

BT - Talk about your amateur career some.

FB - I had about 50 amateur fights, and was the 2001 California Golden Glove Champion. I won the Jr Olympics in 1997, and I fought against Andre Ward, and Rock Allen. I thought I beat Rock Allen, but the judges thought differently. I had a great amateur career, and I am very happy with it.

BT - Did you have any difficulty making the transition?

FB - Just the training, the training is much more difficult as a pro. I had a pro style in the amateurs, so it wasn't too hard for me. One thing that was hard was the more difficult training.

BT - Talk to the boxing fans Freddie.

FB - I want the whole world to watch the fight, it's a free Showtime weekend. I want everyone to know who Freddie Barrera is, and I hope everyone likes me, and I want to give a great performance win or lose. I want to thank my fiance, and my manager, and my whole team.


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