Exclusive Interview: Frankie "Gato" Figueroa

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: Frankie "Gato" Figueroa

GL: Congrats on your victory over Emmauel Augustus last weekend. 

FF: I think I fought a smart, tactical fight. I think I fought him one of the best ways you can, I had to play a lot of chess against him.

GL: Did you feel his experience in the ring?
FF: I definitely felt it. That was definitely a key. He had a variety of angles and speed of punches. It was something I learned and he taught very well and it's something I'm going use on future opponents as well.

GL: How much closer was the fight than you might have liked it to be?

FF: I thought I did win by two rounds. I had my own judgement during the fight, but I was judging myself and I think I did win by two rounds.

GL: Where do you go from here?

FF: We're going to see where Square Ring takes me. I'm gunning for the number one spot and a world title. That's what I'm looking for.

GL: Square Ring also promotes Dmitriy Salita, a fellow New York junior welterweight, does a fight with him interest you at all?

FF: The Salita fight doesn't interest me at all. I fought Emmanuel Augustus who has fought everybody and their mother. I feel that puts me on a different level than any of the New York fighters.

GL: Can you give us some thoughts on the Joe Calzaghe-Roy Jones fight?

FF: I don't know what happened with Roy, if Calzaghe confused him or what have you. It was tough loss for Roy, but he'll bounce back though.

GL: Are you concerned that such a loss could effect your activity?

FF: No. Roy Jones hired a supporting staff for his company headed by John Wirt and they're definitely going to take me in the right direction. His supporting staff was there in case anything of this magnitude happened.

GL: What's the soonest we could expect you back?

FF: Every boxer has a four month cycle, so I'm looking at either January or February.

GL: Other than experience was there anything about Augustus that surprised you?

GF: No. That was basically it. I slipped his angles and that was different and he was showing me that there were people better than me at giving angles and changing speed on punches. I also want to give Emmanuel Augustus credit, he is a powerful journeyman and a lot of people are afraid to fight him. I accepted the fight on a couple of weeks' notice like he had. In my knowledge of fighting him, he would beat some of the top ten fighters and some of the champions of the division and they should give him an opportunity to see how their skills match against his. These top ten guys need to step up and fight him. I'm a fan of Emmanuel Augustus, he's a warrior and a true braveheart.

GL: Who do you like between Ricky Hatton and Paul Malignaggi?

FF: I like Paulie, but I like Ricky Hatton as well. It's a tough call, I'm pulling for Paulie because we're really good friends. I know he's training hard for this fight and I'm hoping he comes up with the victory.

GL: As much as you are friends with Paulie, you have to want the winner?

FF: Absolutely. I want the winner of that fight!

GL: Closing thoughts?

FF: "I want to thank Team Gato, Can't stop won't stop. We're moving forward and we're not looking back baby.


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