Exclusive Interview: Fernando Vargas

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: Fernando Vargas

GL: How's everything going Fernando? What’s the latest? "Everything is good. I'm excited, I've been working hard and I sparred fourteen rounds twice. I'm in the best shape of my life right now. We sit down in the corner and I'm up before the bell is ringing in the fourteenth round waiting for one of my sparring partners who only went like three rounds. I'm working hard and now it's the wind down part, but I'm really excited."

GL: What can we expect to see from you on February 25...

Fernando Vargas: (cutting in) "Offense out of this world, you're not going to see me box at all. I'm excited, you know for my last fight I had to lose forty pounds in eleven weeks and I had to go in the sauna for an hour to lose the weight. I was shot from round one, but fortunately I could box so I was able to switch up my game plan and that's what I did, so now you guys are going to see me in shape from round one. I'm going to be a comfortable fighter and there's going to be no pressure on me the way I've been working."

GL: You and Shane know each other pretty well. After watching him for so many years do you believe he's at his best right now?

Fernando Vargas: "He's a great fighter and I take nothing away from him. I'm going to be on him from round one. He's a comfort fighter and I'm not going to give him any room to breathe. You're going to see a lot of offense that you're going to see the kind of variety I've added to my offense on February 25.

GL: If you had it your way would you be fighting De La Hoya on February 25 instead of Mosley?

Fernando Vargas: "Right now the only person on my mind is Shane Mosley. I'm not thinking about anyone other than him. Anyone thinking I'm thinking about somebody is stupid. You know why? Because what the media doesn't value is that they keep on asking, would you like a rematch against Oscar? Of course I would.

GL: You don't turn down money.

Fernando Vargas: "It's not about the money, it's about the pride and vindication. We could make money together and a substantial amount of money together but I gotta get some get back. He's the only active fighter that has beaten me that I can vindicate myself against, but right now the only person on my mind is Shane Mosley so my plate is full."

GL: Are you looking at Mosley as get back in a sense since he's 2-0 against Oscar?

Fernando Vargas: "I want to make sure that I take care of Mosley first and look great doing it so my fans could demand that rematch."

GL: Is this a do or die fight for you on February 25?

Fernando Vargas: "All fights are do or die. I take nothing away from any fighter. If you have gloves on you have a chance. That's why I work hard each and every day."

GL: How are things weight wise?

Fernando Vargas: "I'm at 160 right now so I got six pounds to go, but that's nothing. I laugh at six pounds."

GL: When this fight was first announced you said that Mosley's speed, which some people feel could be the difference on February 25, wasn't what it used to be. Can you elaborate as to why you feel that way?

Fernando Vargas: "Absolutely. Just look at his fight with Estrada. Did he look lightning quick? No. Look at his fights with Winky Wright, did he look fast? No. He has speed but there's a way to neutralize that and you're going to see that come February 25."

GL: Against Joval and Castillejo you were shoulder rolling and boxing more on February 25  can we expect to see some ferociousness?

Fernando Vargas: "I'm going to be on him. I'm on him and I'm not going to let him try to breathe."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

Fernando Vargas: "I want to thank my fans for all their love. Also Nawshis clothing, it's really hot and you're going to see a few piece over there in Vegas. I'm going to have the grand opening of my store one month after the fight. If they want to check out the clothes its www.nawshis.com.


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