Exclusive Interview: Fernando Montiel

By Brad Cooney


Exclusive Interview: Fernando Montiel

WBO Super Flyweight World Champion Fernando Montiel sat down with Boxingtalk to talk about his upcoming World Title fight against Jhonny Gonzalez (32-4-0). Fernando ( 32-1-1) will try to make history and become one of only a few Mexican fighters to capture 3 World Titles in different weight divisions. Boxingtalk welcomes Fernando Montiel!


BT - Fernando, you have a big fight coming up on May 27th against Jhonny Gonzalez for the WBO Bantamweight World Title, talk about what a win would do for you in regards to making history.

FM - Well this is the fight to open the big door for me, to start getting showcase fights. This is the most important fight to date for me.

BT - What do you know about your opponent Jhonny Gonzalez?

FM - He's strong, out of his last 10 fights he's knocked out 9 of them.

BT - Talk about how camp has gone for you so far?

FM - We are correcting a lot things that I did wrong in my last fight. We are working with strength training, chopping wood with an axe.

BT - This is old school huh? Like the Rocky movie (laughs)

FM - (laughs) Yes, the Rocky movies have motivated me. I have taken my friend Marco Antonio Barrera's advice to train like this.

BT - What are your thoughts on Marco's next fight against Rocky Juarez ?

FM - Rocky is a very respectable opponent, a dangerous one. Rocky had a bad night at the office against Soto, and that happens. That was one bad night, but he's probably highly motivated to fight Marco.

BT - Talk to the fans, and tell them what they can expect in your fight against Jhonny Gonzalez.

FM - I will promise them, and I will show them to come back to see me fight. I will not let them down!

BT- Thanks for joining us on such short notice Fernando.

FM - Thank you for having me here on Boxingtalk


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