Exclusive Interview: Felix "Tito" Trinidad

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: Felix "Tito" Trinidad

"Winky will be knockout #36!"

GL: Tito, can you give us your thoughts facing Winky Wright? "I feel great right now. I'm honored to have an opportunity to fight a great fighter like Winky Wright, I'm already training hard for this fight and it's going to be a great fight. I'm just pleased to have the opportunity to once again show the boxing fans that I am a great fighter."

GL: Are you concerned with Winky's southpaw stance? And will it be difficult to get proper sparring for Winky in Puerto Rico?

Felix Trinidad: "I want Greg Leon and the rest of the boxing public to be on notice. No matter how great Winky Wright is a fighter, he's going to go down in this fight!"

GL: In the past fighters with strong jabs have given you some problems. Against Mayorga we saw you make some slight movements to the left and the right and you seem to be moving your head more as well. Do you feel you've been able to make the necessary changes to ensure that fighters with strong jabs aren't as difficult for you to deal with?

FT: "I've always been able to adapt to many different styles. I've been boxing for many years now and I feel I can mold myself to adapt to any style. Winky does have a good jab, but the bottom line is that his jab isn't going to make any difference at the end of the day."

GL: I know you're completely focused on Winky Wright, but the fight that the boxing world wants to see is the winner of your fight with Winky take on Bernard Hopkins, who tells Boxingtalk.com, that he's only going to be in boxing until next year at this time. Will Hopkins becoming the main man on your hit list if you're successful against Winky Wright on May 14?

FT: "I have a very positive attitude right now and I'm focusing solely on this fight with Winky Wright. However, when that fight is over if Bernard Hopkins wants to fight, it's going to be all up to him. I've tried more than enough to make the rematch for that fight and he more than reneged on the rematch, but it's all up to him. If he wants the fight, we'll fight...if he doesn't, he doesn't."

GL: After having reviewed your fight with Hopkins on tape, can you tell us some things you might do differently against him in a potential rematch?

FT: "I will answer that question simply..Yes, that fight will definitely be different because I'm going to win. I'm 100% sure of it!"

GL: Mayorga talked a lot of trash and made it easy for you to want to hurt him. You and Winky on the other hand are friends when you see each other, and Winky acts like a gentleman at all times. Is it more difficult to want to hurt somebody you're friends with outside of the ring?

FT: "It doesn't matter to me how much I like someone outside of the ring. We could both gentleman with each outside of the ring. But once we get in the ring none of that matters because I have a job to do. In the ring I don't have compassion for anybody! And I'm going to hit him hard."

GL: Can you give us your thoughts on Winky's two fights with Shane Mosley?

FT: "In the first fight Winky was much more focused. He was stronger and he was in much better condition. You could tell that he wanted to win, but in the second fight, a lot of those things weren't there."

GL: Which version of Winky Wright are you expectinng on May 14?

FT: "I think that I'm going to be seeing the Winky who fought Shane the first fight. And that's definitely how I'm preparing for this fight."

GL: Are you disappointed that this fight will not be taking place at Madison Square Garden?

FT: "To be honest with you Greg, I really wanted to have the fight in Puerto Rico because it's been a while since I've fought in front of my people at home. But that was impossible and there was a situation at the Garden so we had to go to Vegas. It's not that important where the fight is because I think that the one things the fans will appreciate are two fighters who look to fight the best and always put all of their heart into the fight."

GL: Do you have a prediction? Will you KO Winky or will it go the distance?

FT: "I will win the fight. I'm not the type of person who says things like that. He's going down and Tito Trinidad is going to win that fight."

GL: C'mon Tito, you had no problem telling Ricardo Mayorga he was going to be your 35th KO. Will Winky be 36?

FT: "Yes, Winky Wright will be number 36! Winky Wright is my 36th knockout!"

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

FT: "I'd like to thank my promoter Don King, the best promoter in the world. I would, like always want to thank my fans who have followed me my whole career. Really fans my fans will be able to see  me and again and I'm really looking forward to it!"



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