Exclusive Interview: Famoso Hernadez

By Darren Nichols


Exclusive Interview: Famoso Hernadez

Fighting on the undercard of Corrales-Castillo II, Carlos “Famoso” Hernandez hopes that Bobby Pacquiao is his brother’s keeper…gatekeeper that is.  In what is sure to be an all out brawl, Famoso is eager to get back on top of the junior lightweight division, and he knows that a win next Saturday night could put him in prime position to take on Manny Pacquiao in the near future.  Famoso spoke with BoxingTalk recently to share his thoughts on fighting B. Pacquiao, and why we will see his best impersonation of Marvelous Marvin Hagler in the ring next weekend.


BoxingTalk:  What are you thoughts of fighting Bobby Pacquaio?


Carlos Hernandez:  I know I have to respect every fight I get in the ring with.  Pacquiao has the WBC Intercontinental belt, and he stopped Carlos Navarro last June, so I know I have to respect the guy.  I know I have to be careful because he has the motivation not to be in his brother’s shadow.  I know he wants to make a name for himself and beat me


BoxingTalk:  Does it bother you at all that Pacquiao will be fighting as a southpaw?


Carlos Hernandez:  No, because once we start fighting he’s going to be standing still, straight up.  That’s what I’m going to do.  I know he can switch too, so whatever he brings I’ll be ready for him.


BoxingTalk:  How has training been going for October 8th?


Carlos Hernandez:  It’s been going great, I’ve been training every day, and I’ve sparred with a couple tough undefeated guys, and I’ve been working hard in the gym because I know this is a defining fight for both of us. 


BoxingTalk:  What kind of fight are you expecting from Pacquiao?


Carlos Hernandez:  I expect him to come out while his brother.  I expect Pacquiao to come out fast throwing a lot of punches, a lot of straight shots, and then getting out of there, but I don’t think he wants to stay too close to me.


BoxingTalk:  What is your game plan for October 8th?


Carlos Hernandez:  I am going to do what Marvelous Marvin Hagler used to do to his opponents, and that is to just chop him down like a tree.  I know Pacquiao is going to be in excellent shape, strong, and sharp, but I just have to be one step ahead of him.


BoxingTalk:  What happens if Pacquiao can take your best punch?


Carlos Hernandez:  I’ll need to beat him on points then.  Most of the fighter’s I’ve faced, like Mayweather and Morales take a pretty good shot.  I’ll have to stay busy with Pacquiao until I knock him down.  I may not get him with one shot, but I have to keep punching and keep working until I get the job done.  I know he’s going to try to do the same thing, so I’ll have to do it before he does.


BoxingTalk:  So it’s the case of strike hard and strike often.


Carlos Hernandez:  Exactly, he’s going to be ready for me.  He’s a young guy, he’s fresh and hungry, but I feel great, and I have great motivation to win. 


BoxingTalk thanks Famoso for taking the time to speak with us.  We wish him continued success both in and out of the ring.


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