Exclusive Interview: Enrique Palau

By Percy Crawford


Exclusive Interview: Enrique Palau

PC: How has training gone for your fight Saturday night?

EP: Training was good. I trained hard for this fight like it’s my last fight, you know.

PC: I heard you’ve been getting good sparring from….

EP: (cutting in) Oh yeah, definitely. I think that helped me because they’re heavier than me. I’m a junior middleweight, so im moving up for this fight. He’s a natural super middleweight/ light heavyweight. I figure the bigger people I spar with the better. If I get used to it in the gym, it should be no problem during the fight.

PC: Are we ever going to have to go to the scorecards in one of your fights?

EP: (laughing) Im hoping not. That’s why I’ve been training so hard. I like those early nights, you know. First round get in there, bust a little sweat and get out.

PC: You’re fighting James North, who’s fought the likes of Codrington, Spina, Mcgirt Jr. and recently went the distance with Hanshaw. Do you feel this is a high risk fight this early in your career?

EP: Well, no. He has some experience, but the way I see it is I’m not getting any younger. I should go ahead and step up now. The last guy I fought was a step up and I ended that in the first round. He had also been in there with some tough guys. I have my game plan and im ready.

PC: Have you done anything different in preparation for this fight than in previous fights?

EP: In a way I have because my last fight was scheduled for six rounds and this one is four. I know I have a good punch, but one thing I said I would do is start throwing more punches. I think he’s gong to try and be aggressive. I need to throw more punches instead of getting on the inside and throwing bombs. I gotta fight my fight, you know. I figure he’s going to come out throwing bombs trying to land that haymaker.

PC: You’re making a step up in competition in this fight. This card is full of prospects. Does that add any pressure on you to look good?

EP: No. I know what I got. I just want to go in there and take care of my business. My main focus right now is just to keep getting these W’s. I’ll probably be the first or second fight up. That’s what I want. Go in there and take care of business and get the crowd hyped up. Hopefully I’ll put on the best performance of my pro career.

PC: You’ve averaged two fights a year with this being your third fight this year. Is this your last fight this year or would you like to fight again?

EP: My promoter was talking about another fight next month. If everything goes well this week, which I believe it will.

PC: For someone who has never seen you fight before, what style do you bring to the ring?

EP: I think I have two different styles. I can be aggressive or I can box. You know how they say, styles make fights. Well it depends on my opponents’ style. I can go in there and bomb away with you, but as of late, me and Sean have been working on a lot of counterpunching, how to be slick, so I’m boxing more.

PC: Most people would look at your record (4-0 with 4 knockouts) and think you’re just a puncher.

EP: No, no! I’ve been trying to create openings and box a little more. I’ve been working on a lot of counterpunching.

PC: All of your fights have ended in the first round. Do you think it hurts you not getting rounds?

EP: Believe me, I love the rounds. I love the knockouts even better. You know how it is man. It wouldn’t bother me if it came in two or three rounds, but it’s gonna come. To be honest with you, I would love to get rounds. Sean is always telling me “to pace myself.” I don’t want to put myself in a position to carry a guy just to get rounds. This is boxing and things happen. All it takes is that one lucky punch. All it takes is for them to land that big crazy haymaker. I see it all the time. That’s why if I can get someone out of there I do it. I’m not going to let someone land that shot on me.

PC: Your friend Jose Rivera has a fight with Travis Simms coming up. What do you think of that fight?

EP: The funny thing is I think Jose does pretty well against southpaws. Jose is a little younger and Simms has been off for a while, so I see Jose taking this one easy. Jose is very aggressive and Jose has tremendous stamina. He has amazing stamina. He’s like the energizer bunny. Jose applies a lot of pressure on you and I think he will break Simms down. I might even see a knockout to be honest. I think Jose will knock him out in the later rounds.

PC: Good luck with your fight Saturday. I look forward to speaking with you after the fight. Any closing thought for Boxingtalk readers?

EP: I just look forward to taking care of business and getting my fifth victory. I look forward to your call next week.

I would like to thank Bob Trieger and Sean Fitzgerald for helping me get this interview.


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