Exclusive Interview: Ellerbe and Cunningham


Exclusive Interview: Ellerbe and Cunningham

Video Interview By G. Leon Transcribed By Jose "OnFire" Aguirre

Greg Leon: On my left we have Leonard Ellerbe, advisor of Floyd Mayweather. On the right we got Kevin Cunningham, manager of Cory Spinks. Just tell us are we going to see Mayweather-Spinks in the near future?

LE:"I certainly hope so. It's a big fight for the fans. Cory's a great fighter and Floyd's a great fighter and it's a fight we would love to make happen.

KC:"We were ready to sign a contract the night Floyd came up on the stage after the Judah fight. So you know what we want to do."

GL: (to Ellerbe) Do you see Floyd as a welterweight within the next year?

LE:"Certainly, like I said all we're looking for are big fights. Big fights and like I said Cory's a great fighter and that's a fight we would love to make."

GL: (to Ellerbe) If Floyd moves up to welterweight he's going to look to fight the best?

LE:"Cory is it. We're going to get them belts. That's it."

GL: (to Ellerbe) Are we getting any guarantees that we're going to see that fight?

LE:"I certainly hope so. Like I said it's just a matter of sitting down and making it happen. It all comes down to the economics. Like I said Cory's a great, Floyd's a great fighter. It's a fight the fans would love to see. It's a big fight."

GL: (to Cunningham) Do you think that hope is going to become reality?

KC:"It might man, it might. Floyd's looking to get Gatti right now and that's a big money fight. I understand that it's business but if it happens we ready to make it happen. We all cool. Floyd, I know everybody in his family. Me and El cool so it's all good. It's about money though.

GL: It's about money. It's about family fueds. Mayweather-Spinks ya heard?