Exclusive Interview: Edner Cherry

By Brad Cooney


Exclusive Interview: Edner Cherry

Boxingtalk sat down with Lightweight contender Edner "Cherry Bomb" Cherry and got an update on the latest with his career. Cherry is coming off of back to back wins against the always tough Monty Meza Clay, and most recently he captured the NABF Lightweight title against Daniel Alicea. If you watch ESPN's Friday Night Fights you know that Edner Cherry is one of the most exciting fighters you'll see. Cherry looks to get back into the
ring in November.

BT - Edner bring the fans up to speed on what the latest is with you, anything going on ?

EC - We are just working on a fight for November, we're not sure who it will be yet, but that's what we are working on. I will probably be defending my NABF title.

BT - Cherry, you're coming off two back to back wins against very tough opponents. One being Monty Meza Clay, and the other was a thrilling 12th round TKO against a tough Daniel Alicea, what are your thoughts of those two fights ?

EC - You know what man? Those two guys I tip my hat to. Both guys are tough fighters, and I can't take anything away from them. I learned a lot from fighting those guys, and I went back into the gym and worked on things because of those guys.

BT - You got a 12th round TKO over Alicea. How much emphasis do you put into training in order to go that late into fights, and still get knockouts ?

EC - You know, sometimes I tell my coach it's not about knocking people out. If you try to knock people out too early you can easily get tired. I am working on my boxing, and later on if I can get them out then that's good. I am working on boxing, and taking my time, and feeling confident in there.

BT - Talk a little bit about ESPN, they have been very good to you. Talk about how important it has been for your career to shine on national television like you have.

EC - It's great, ESPN are great people. I show people respect, and they show me respect. If you show people respect, then people will treat you right. I love Teddy Atlas, and Joe Tessitore, I want to thank everything that they have done for me. I was able to show the world who I am, you know?

BT - You definitely give the fans their money's worth Edner. Talk a little bit about your relationship with your fans, and how important your fans are to you.

EC - You know, I know I got a lot of fans out there, and if any one of them ever come up to me for an autograph, I will always do it. I will talk to my fans, and treat them well. The fans take their time to watch me, so I have to take my time to talk to them, and sign autographs for them, it's the least that I can do. I will always do anything that I can do for my fans, they are there for me, so I should do the same thing.

BT - You mentioned that you would like to get back in there in November, do you have any possible opponents that you are looking at ?

EC - Right now we are looking at Juan Diaz, or Kid Diamond, but we are not for sure right now. I am staying in the gym, and I am staying ready. Those 4 losses that I have built me up, I am happy right now.

BT - You mentioned Juan Diaz, how do you see yourself matching up against a guy like Juan Diaz?

EC - Man that would be a great fight, I take my hat off to him. Juan is the best in his weight class, but there is someone out there that can beat him. I want to be the best, and in order to be the best you have to fight the best. There is always a way to beat a fighter, it's up to the fighter to figure out how to do that. It's up the fighter to find that weakness, you just have to find the solution to beat him.

BT - When do you think you will put yourself in a position to fight for a world title shot ?

EC - Hopefully sometime next year. This year is almost over with, so hopefully next year. I am currently ranked number 9 in the WBA, so hey one day they are going to have to fight me. I don't turn down no fights, I am ready, when they call me, I am ready.

BT - Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans in closing Edner ?

EC - I want to say to my fans around the world thank you. I want to thank my wife, and my mother-in-law. I want to thank Boxingtalk for the support, and I will see you on top in the near future. For those who are trying to get to the top of whatever they are going for, keep working hard, and keep God first!