Exclusive Interview: Dr. Peter Goldman, DC

By Percy Crawford


Exclusive Interview: Dr. Peter Goldman, DC

Dr. Goldman introduces Zone Healing to athletes all over the world!

PC: How has everything been going?

PG: Everything is good. Everything is cool. I’ve just been taking care of a lot of people and getting to watch a lot of guys heal; which is always fun and gratifying.

PC: You are considered “The healer of MMA stars”. You use a method called Zone Healing. Could you explain exactly what that is?

PG: First I want to say that my website, goldmanhealing.com, gives a pretty good explanation of it, but I will talk a little bit about it. Zone Healing is a technique that was invented by a man named Dr. Thurman Fleet in 1931 in Texas. Basically what Dr. Fleet did with Zone Healing was he broke the body up into 6 positions; glandular, eliminative, nervous, digestive, muscular and circulatory. He said basically if these 6 systems are balanced, then every nerve in the body will work properly. If  one or more of these systems are not working properly, then something will be unbalanced in the body. He invented a way to where it’s a nerve in the back of the head because the six systems are actually connected to a nerve in the back of your head. When I feel the back of the head, it will actually tell which of the six systems are imbalanced and which is not. Once I determine that, in order to correct it, I would actually stimulate certain points of the spinal cord. There are six points to the spinal cord for each system and once I stimulate them, I reset those systems. Once I rest them, the body is balanced and able to heal.

PC: Who are some of the MMA stars that are under your guidance?

PG: I have a few stories. B.J. Penn, which is one of the best, if not the best, pound for pound MMA fighter in the world, had a very bad neck condition. He was told that he needed surgery because he had a herniated disc in his neck and he was in pain pretty much 24/7 because of his neck. He had tried multiple things to help his neck and the doctors finally told him he would need surgery. Our schedules only coincided for 3 days, so I only saw him 3 days and I treated him twice a day for 3 days. Zone Healing only takes about 3 minutes. 4 minutes a day for 3 straight days and by the time we were finished, he was 100% fixed and his next fight was against Rodrigo Gracie and he destroyed him. He has been fine ever since. I perform this on him before all his fights and then he goes to work.

Eddie Bravo is a famous Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter who had very bad back problems. He had tried acupuncture and all kinds of stuff and he was still in pain. He came and saw me and now he’s basically perfect. In his new book called, “Mastering the rubber guard” he mentions the work I did with him. Bas Rutten actually had a breathing problem and we balanced him out and he’s breathing much better and according to him, it’s changed his life. I’ve helped Charuto Verissimo a lot as well. The list just goes on and on. The ironic part is I never really considered myself a sports doctor. I just like helping people. I don’t care if it’s little babies or an 85 year old person or a pregnant mother. I just like to help people balance their bodies.

PC: I’m sure some of the athletes that read this will think this is for retired athletes or older guys. What is your range in age for this procedure?

PG: Putting athletes to the side for a second, I’ve taken infants with chronic ear infections. Their mother brings them in to me and then suddenly the ear infections stop coming. I’m working right now with someone in their early 90’s that’s had trouble hearing just from old age. Since we’ve been working together, they’ve actually taken out the hearing aid. My range of patients in general goes from as young as you can get to as old as you can get. As far as athletes go, it’s not only for athletes that’s old or banged up. I just started working with Jorge Olivera, who is head of Chute Box from Wanderlei Silva’s camp. He’s basically a healthy guy, but he came to me to take his health up to the next level and now that’s he’s getting to a time in his career, he could have better stamina, better timing and endurance. That’s an example of a young guy who really has nothing terribly wrong, just wants to raise his level and make it even better.

PC: You are a licensed chiropractor. What got your attention to pursue Zone Healing?

PG: I did go to chiropractor school and I am a DC (Doctor Chiropractic) and Zone Healing is actually not taught at any school in the world, chiropractic or otherwise. While I was in school, I met a guy who was doing Zone Healing and he basically took me under his wing. I went to school in Atlanta, GA. He was not affiliated with the school. He was about 45 minutes away. I used to go to his house every Sunday. I may miss a few, but the 4 years I was in school in Atlanta, I went to his house almost every Sunday. I would spend sometimes 5 hours just one-on-one, it was like being at the foot of the master. He had been practicing already 40 plus years and he taught me everything he knew about Zone Healing. He was a direct student from the founder. I was learning it while I was a student and many of the doctor’s who taught at the school were getting treated by me. Which is very odd because normally the doctor’s who teach wouldn’t be getting treated by a student. As great as chiropractic is, and it is great, Zone Healing is at another level.

PC: The procedure takes 2 minutes, but how often should it be performed?

 PG: It depends on what the person’s goals are. If someone who is healthy comes to me just to get treated, I would probably recommend twice a week for like a month. Once you are balanced out, you could come whenever you want. You could come once a year if you want. Some people like it so much they want to come once a week. If it’s a more complex case where something is wrong with them, I may want to see them twice a week for 3 months straight.

PC: Could you have taken a fighter like Fernando Vargas, who had major back problems, and fixed him?

PG: I have a multi part answer for that question. I don’t heal anyone. The power in the body is what heals people. There’s a power that created the universe, you could call it god, energy, nature…you could call it the great unknown. Everyone has their own name for it. We all agree that there is some power that created the universe and that’s the same power that created the body. Zone Healing makes the body as balanced as possible to make the body work. As far as Vargas goes, I wouldn’t tell you, “Oh yeah, if he had come to me I would’ve fixed him.” I wouldn’t know that until he got here. I am 90 something % confident that if he would have came to me or comes in to me now, I could make his back 100% perfect. I could tell pretty quickly if it’s working or not. If Vargas came into here and after 7 treatments he isn’t feeling better, then I would tell him this isn’t working, maybe he needs to try something else. I don’t think that would happen.

PC: Would you recommend this process over surgery?

PG: Let’s just say someone has a disc that bulges until the point where part of it breaks off. If that happens and you have this piece of disc floating around your spinal cord and it’s pressing up against a nerve; quite frankly there’s nothing I could do. You would have to have surgery and take that piece out that is floating around. Outside of that, 99% of what people are getting surgery for are things they probably could’ve gotten adjusted and fixed by coming to me.

PC: Which athlete that you’ve worked with do you feel needed your assistance the most?

PG: Rigan Machado, who some people consider one of the greatest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experts ever at the time. When I met Rigan Machado, he was incapacitated; he couldn’t even move. His neck was just shot. He had this horrible condition and because of our schedules, we could only see each other once a week. He came and saw me once a week and in like 4 to 5 treatments, he was 100% better. He competed after that. If he would’ve gotten surgery back then when he was in his mid twenties, who knows what would have happened to his career.

PC: Have you ever reached out to an athlete or have all your patients come to you?

PG: I’ve had people call me from all over; Australia, Germany and many states in the U.S. I just got a call from a friend of mine who trains with Frank Shamrock and he says Frank Shamrock and Maurice Smith want to experience Zone Healing. Bas Rutten is the only person I ever pursued because I read that Bas Rutten was an asthmatic. I heard when people get their bodies balanced, if they have a breathing problem it tends to help out. I wrote Bas and he was on an inhaler and now he doesn’t use it anymore. I want to just say, Bas Rutten is… everyone knows how tough he is, but he is one of the nicest cool guys I’ve ever worked with. I don’t mean in my office because of course my patients are going to be nice to me because I’m helping them, but if you need him, he’ll be there. He is a good friend. If you need a favor, he’s there right away; he’s a good guy. I wanted to just say that.

PC: Thanks for the interview. Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

PG: Any human being reading this and you read the website goldmanhealing.com and you believe Zone Healing could be a service to you; whether you’re the greatest pro athlete in the world or never played a sport in your life, call me or email me. We will work on helping you.


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