Exclusive Interview: Deuce McAllister

By Brad Cooney


Exclusive Interview: Deuce McAllister

Saints star running back speaks to Boxingtalk!

From time to time Boxingtalk.com likes to bring our readers an interview a little different from what we are used to. Boxingtalk caught up with NFL's New Orleans Saints Pro Bowl running back Deuce McAllister, we talked some football and a little bit of boxing as well. Deuce touches on the recent news that the Saints
will return to New Orleans next season, and he gives us an update on some of his work outside of football.

BT - Deuce, on behalf of all of our readers and members at Boxingtalk.com, thank you very much for sitting down with us today.

DM - Well I surely appreciate it Brad, thank you for having me here.

BT - Deuce we'll chew on some boxing, but I want to touch on some football first. How important was it for you to know that the New Orleans Saints are coming back to New Orleans next season?

DM - Well it's very important Brad, the people of New Orleans ....well maybe not the people were desperate, but I think it was a desperate situation for the city, because that's the one thing that the people can really touch and say  ' that's ours, The New Orleans Saints ' . I think it was important for us to get back to show them that we are involved, and that we do care about the city as well.

BT - Have you had a chance to get down there and look at The Super-dome Deuce? How are the repairs coming?

DM - I haven't seen the inside yet, I have been down there and I have seen the outside of it, hopefully it's progressing pretty good on the inside.

BT - Deuce, Mississippi and the rest of the world lost one of its' own in Walter Payton. Growing up as a kid, how much did Walter Payton's career influence you ?

DM - I definitely looked up to Walter, you know, if you just think per capita Mississippi is ranked right at the top putting out talented professional football players. I think what is important is a lot of us here strive to be like Walter, the things he stood for, and the things he did throughout his career. Chicago loved Walter, and Green Bay loves Brett Favre, and guys like Steve McNair, all came from Mississippi. It's an honor that all of these guys are from my home state of Mississippi.

BT - Deuce The Texas Longhorns pulled off one of the best wins in National Championship history, they got a guy named Vince Young that will be in this coming NFL Draft. Is Vince Young a guy you would like handing you the ball in 06?

DM - He's definitely a talented athlete. If I were the GM making the choice, it would be a very hard choice to make because you can only pick one. Both of those guys Leinart, and Young are going to be great QB's in the league. We will have to take a look at the one that best fits our needs as a team.

BT - Deuce how difficult was it for you to transition from the college level of play into the NFL level of play?

DM - Well probably the hardest thing is adjusting to the speed of the game. You can't relate to anything to what you see in college, everybody is fast and everybody is good in the NFL. You have to be able to put your head into the playbook, and study. If you are a second late, that's not good.

BT - Deuce you haven't seen many option plays in the NFL have you (laughing)

DM - (laughing), no man you are not going to see many options plays in the NFL, these guys are way too fast for that play in the NFL.

BT - Deuce we have 250 lb defensive lineman that are faster than some of the running-backs were in the 40's and 50's (laughs)

DM - Exactly, most of those guys run 4.7's and 4.8's these days!

BT - Deuce you donated a ton of money to Ole Miss University to build a new training facility for the football team, talk about that.

DM - Yea, it is for their new indoor practice facility. I just thought it was the right thing to do because of what the University has done for me in my life. If you can keep the talent in your state, it will only grow your state programs even better.

BT  - Ok Deuce, who do you like man, Pittsburgh or Seattle in The Superbowl?

DM - Pretty evenly matched teams I need to do a little more analyzing and look at both teams. If I had to pick a team today I would go with Pittsburgh.

BT - Deuce, Jerome Bettis would grab a ring in his hometown of Detroit in his last season if that comes true.

DM - Yes, in his hometown to be able to go out a champion, I would want that for Jerome. Jerome has a great chance to get it done.

BT - Deuce you are doing a lot with car dealerships here in Mississippi, talk about what you got going on off of the football field.

DM - Yes, I have a grand opening coming up with two new car dealerships. I have a Nissan and  Jaguar dealership opening up tomorrow, and I have a lot of my NFL friends that will be coming to support me there. I am investing back into the city of Jackson Mississippi as well as different areas in Mississippi. You see a lot of times there is so much talent here, and we lose it. I want to keep the talent here, keep them from leaving andstay in Mississippi.

BT - Deuce I hear you're a boxing fan, talk about that.

DM - Yes, I am a boxing fan. I think Muhammad Ali is the greatest fighter of all time, I have pictures and stories of the guy, different things that he did throughout his career.

BT - Deuce we have two amateur fighters out of the Jackson area that are current National Champions.

DM - Yes, and that is phenomenal and again it shows you the talent that comes out of Mississippi. You have to be proud of those guys because it takes so much time and effort for amateur fighters to reach that level of competition.

BT - Deuce, thank you very much for coming into Boxingtalk.com and talking some boxing, and football.

DM - No problem Brad thank you for having me on.


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