Exclusive Interview: Derrick Harmon

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Derrick Harmon

JA: What’s the latest with Derek Harmon? "I am trying to rejuvenate myself. I just got back in town the other day, I was in Houston visiting some family members and being with them has really motivated me."

JA: So the motivation left you…

DH: [Cutting In] Yeah you lose the motivation over a period of time. I was number one in the world and I was doing my thing but when it was time to adjust because of my weight, I lost my motivation. Now I am trying to get the love of the sport back, sometimes its hard because you can get unmotivated and you sometimes lose that hunger that you once had. Right now I am trying to get back to where I was when I was number one in the world.

JA: Tell us about the move up to the Cruiserweight division?

DH: I am in a weight and conditioning program to help me put on some muscle, I thought that boxing was all about boxing conditioning but there is so much more to the sport that makes you better besides hitting the bag, jumping rope and running 5 miles. One of the things that I been doing is conditioning my body to be stronger and faster.

JA: Do you think that is a move that you should have made a while back?

DH: Oh yeah it is, this is a move that I should have made after the Roy Jones fight. When I fought Telesco the news paper article read “ Harmon turns back the clock”, that is where I am trying to get it back.

JA: Tell us how you feel at Cruiserweight?

DH: I feel great. The guys that I been fighting are bigger but I am getting bigger and stronger myself, plus I will have the hand speed over them. I want to fight O’Neil Bell again, that is my goal.

JA: A lot of people may be selling you short. Is that another motivation that you have to prove the people wrong who may be doubting you?

DH: Definitely. I called my sponsors up today and told them don’t count me out just yet, I still feel that I gave a lot oleft in me. I do what I always do and that is start the fight off with my jab and as the fight gets going I start to pressure my opponent more. I went to the body and I tired him out and in the sixth round he was ready to go and at the beginning of the 7th round, he didn’t come out to fight. In my next fight I would love to fight the best in the division, I am challenging all the guys in the top 10 to fight me.

JA: What do you think of the Cruiserweight division right now?

DH: I would whoop all these suckers, O’Neil Bell would get it. If I put my mind to it I can whoop all these suckers, O’Neil Bell, Kelvin Davis. I am bearing down because I want to prove the critics wrong and end my career as cruiserweight champion of the world. I am a better boxer than those guys, I may not be stronger than O’Neil Bell or Kelvin Davis, but I am better boxer.

JA: When will we see you in the ring next?

DH: I think that I will be fighting in the first week of October. I want to be fighting 2-4 times a year to stay busy, stay in shape and stay focused on the prize at hand.

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing?

DH: I am looking to glorify God through my rise to the top of the Cruiserweight division. I am looking forward to proving all the critics wrong.


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