Exclusive Interview: Dennis Rappaport

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: Dennis Rappaport

GL: Congrats on Oleg's big win on August 12. Now that you've had some time to let it all settle in, can you give us some thoughts on the fight and tell us where Oleg is going from here? "I think his knockout in the twelfth round was consistent with how dramatic a Cinderella story he really is. It was a tremendous victory because most people picked Rahman and it was consistent with how his life has been going, the underdog that goes against the odds."

GL: Where would you like to see the underdog that goes against the odds go from here? There was a lot of talk about Klitschko on November 11, why hasn't that fight come to the forefront?

Dennis Rappaport: "Oleg would not be ready for November 11. He had a scan done on his elbow and absent of any injury it would have been a real good turnaround to begin with under the best of circumstances. There's a possibility Oleg could return before the end of the year but I'm more optimistic about his returning in January."

GL: Is Team Maskaev looking at unification or the winner of this weekend's bout between James Toney and Samuel Peter for your next fight?

DR: "We'd be interested in unification and we'd be interested in a Klitschko fight, but since Toney opted to take a fight when he was the mandatory, if I wanted to negotiate today he would be unavailable and there would be no mandatory for me to negotiate with. I'm looking to take an optional fight in an expeditious time frame before that, but we have several options which we will weigh out in the coming weeks."



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